Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where To Buy Wholesale Milk



  • Service
  • Quality of staff
  • Staff Training
  • Strategic
  • Fast moving item
  • Inventory control
  • Value for money pricing and cost control


  • Not do a research with buying trick of the customer


  • Expand their market through Europe and America
  • Became a market leader of cloths retailer


· Many competitors in cloth industry


· Service

Giordano gives good services to the customer Such as : customer can try all item wit no limitation, reserved item in three days, product return with no limitation and installing the shirt button are free of charge. The services that Giordano gives can make customer satisfy with Giordano.

· Quality of staff

Giordano have excellent expectation and selection to get selective staff. So, Giordano sure that only selected staff who have excellent ability, positive opinion, helpful and think that “customer first” and “ can do” can be the Giordano staff.

· Staff training

The staff of Giordano had trained to set them with the activity of Giordano to gives the right help for the customer and makes the costumer satisfy.

Giordano always do training for every staff that they have. It used to tighten the staff with every Giordano activity. Every staff must know how to give a good and a right service and also helpful to the customer that can make the customer satisfy and not disappointing them.

· Strategic

In everywhere, you can find Giordano easily, because stores of Giordano are available in any strategic place. So we can find and buy Giordano in every place especially in place that fully of resident’s area.

· Fast moving items

If there is some low rotation of stocks, Giordano will find the strategy to sell the product. And if there is some fast rotation of stocks, Giordano will stock that product.

So, all items in Giordano will be available on every store of Giordano. And we can find every Giordano’s product in Giordano’s stores

· Inventory control

With used Information System in Giordano, it possible to make Giordano have a fast reaction with market exchange. Giordano inventory turnover on sales has been changed into 28 days on 2000 from 58 days on 1996. This is more efficient and possible to make Giordano growth in lower margin. This is the prove that the customer like to buying Giordano and feel satisfy with Giordano.

· Value for money pricing and cost control

Giordano always give with the high volume and the best services with lower prices to the customer. Giordano give a quality services in the comfort area, that the stores are in fully resident area. And Giordano want, if we buy their product, our money that we spend are not useless. Consumer got the advantages with buy Giordano.


· Not do a research with buying ability the consumer

The price of Giordano in one country is not same like in the other country. And not every people Giordano is cheap. Many people said Giordano is expensive. It cause Giordano is not doing a research with a buying ability of the consumer. Giordano don’t think about the income of the consumer and about economic problem. So, some people didn’t want and don’t have capability to buy Giordano because they have a problem with economic condition. Example, Indonesian think, Giordano in Indonesia is more expensive than Giordano in Singapore . So that, if Indonesian want to buy Giordano, they prefer to buy Giordano in Singapore than in Indonesia . Because in Singapore the price is cheaper.


· Expand their market through Europe and America

There are many stores of Giordano in Asia . So, Giordano have opportunities to get a chance in Europe and America and enter a new market in there so to widen the networking of Giordano.

· Became a market leader of cloths retailer

Giordano is a leader in Asia . If Giordano do the expand to other country, maybe they can become a market leader in that country. If Giordano has a good quality then the other retailer, Giordano can became a market leader.


· Competitors in cloth industry

The same retailers will be appearing as Giordano’s competitor. So, if Giordano doesn’t survive with their quality and disappointing their customer, Giordano will be out of competition because many competitors for many brand can change Giordano position as a leader in Asia .


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