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Just In Time Part 3

article about Toyota which adopted the system of just in timeToyota's' just-in-time

TOYOTA 'S confess production system "just-in-time" has been damaged, along with Philippine dealers experiencing shortages of spare parts of vehicles which resulted in delays in customer service.

vehicle manufacturers in Japan to popularize philosophy of "just-in-time" with the aim of "what is needed, when needed, and how much is required". Mantra is built by Toyota as a producer of world-class vehicles echoed not just by friends but also by the plot of another business.

Allen Rufo, vice president of Toyota Philippine said the spare part when some local dealers have megalami spare parts shortages because of the centralization of spare part in the asia-pacific.

He acknowledged that some dealers have failed to carry out various kinds of spare parts ordered items on time

Toyota spare parts center in Bangkok, Thailand , which is now a spare part sales center is running an inspection on inventory, spare parts delivery delays cause, he said.

Executive said only a few damaged sparepat units lacking spare parts.

affected Sparepart which is the old model spare parts, he said, adding models like the Vios, Innova, and corolla tidaka should be experiencing problems regarding the distribution of spare parts.

Rufo, however, ensure that this problem occurs only temporary, increase turnover Bangkok will normalize the situation until September.

He said that dealers are responsible to ensure, that they mempuyai stock enough spare parts, and he encouraged them to buy spare parts from Japan and local sellers at that time.

Hiroshi Ito, president of Toyota car producer in the Philippines say perusayaannya believe that they will sell about 50,000 units of cars this year.

Toyota also hopes to continue the sales boom with me "launch" limited edition Vios 20tahun in order to celebrate the founding of the company in the Philippines.

According to initial reports from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (Campi) Toyota has sold 26,414 cars in the period of this 7tahun

automaker sales grew to 10.4 percent year over year.

Campi data also show that Toyota has consistently led the automotive market with a market share of 36% in the first 7bulan this year.

Ito said that during the rising prices of raw materials and oil, Toyota seeks to reduce production costs to maintain the price of the car now.

For car manufacturers, do not need to raise car prices until the end of this year, he said, adding that oil prices be a good indication for Toyota and other automotive industry to achieve sales targets.

Campi predict total sales this year will reach 125.500 units


cetral problem

just in time system which are damaged or disturbed


Causing delays to services (vehicle production)

to clients



Ensuring raw materials back to suppliers must exist before the time of production and restore confidence to the client that causes delays in the


resell their vehicles up to 125,500 units a year

area of \u200b\u200bconsiderationn


- immediately improve the supply of raw bhan to avoid the same mistakes

- Seeking supplier of more than one supplier, so that if one supplier was unable still to mengandalakan other suppliers.

- Establish better communication company's internal antarra


must regulate suppliers of goods and ensure the production of goods there must be

alternative courses of action

keep production costs in relation to the material "and the raw fuel for smakin expensive to maintain price of the vehicle

action plan

toyota strategy undertaken today is to keep the system just in time it so it does not have mistakes anymore, and also by keeping the price of the vehicle remains stable in order to achieve sales targets, and conduct promotions in order to achieve objectives.


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