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1.1 Background Writing

As we know that in today's knowledge management often in use and is essential for human life. Therefore we chose the title "Theory of Management" is because we argue that knowledge management plays an important role in human life either realized or not this can be seen and felt by people both personally and in the lives of groups in society. For example, a manager in private, whether conscious or not have time management and daily routine activities - day and his office manager also has the management of companies such as cost management, production management, marketing management, etc.. This is where we see there are different types of management can we explain this in scientific work.

1.2 Problem Formulation

· What is management?

· What is the function of management?

· Is management is useful in our daily lives?

· Who are related to the management?

· Who are the characters who apply management theory?

· Where management theory can be applied?

· How do implement the principles of management?

· When management theory should be applied?

· What is the relationship with the management of everyday life?

1.3 Purpose

1.3.1. Academic Objectives

We make paper with the title "management theory" is to be able to meet one of the tasks assigned by the lecturer in "Logic and Philosophy of Science ", and to get the value of the courses" Logic and Philosophy Of Science ".

Practical Objectives 1.3.2

We chose materials "management" in order to increase the knowledge of readers about the science of management. And also so that we can know how important the management in our daily lives.

Chapter II



2.1. Etymological definition Management

word Management derived from French kuna ménagement , which has a meaning art implement and manage .

also Derived from Latin, namely manus which means hand . And also the Italian language, namely maneggiare , which means handle.

2.2 Conceptual Definition / Terminology Management

2.2 .1. According Mary Parker Follett

Management is an art, because to do a job through other people needed special skills.

2.2.2. According to James AF Stoner

Management is a process of planning, organizing, leadership, and controlling the efforts of member organizations and sumua use of existing resources in the organization to achieve organizational goals established previously.

2.2.3. According to Harold Koontz & O 'Donnel

Management is associated with achieving something objective which is done through and with other people.

2.2.4. According to George R. Terry

Management is a process that distinguishes for planning, organizing, penggerakkan implementation and supervision, by utilizing both science and art, in order to accomplish a predetermined goal.

2.2.5. According to Rick W. Griffin

Management as a process of planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling resources to achieve the target ( goals ) in an effective and efficient.

2.2.6. According to Fayol

functions for planning, organizing, directing and controlling.

2.2.7. According to Robert Owen

peningnya element human in production . In this case the problem in the improvement of working conditions, reduction in working hours, restrictions on children under the age of the work.

2.2.8. According to Charles Babbage

Advise principle of division of labor through the specialization of each employee. Each employee must be given skills to suit each company's operations.

2.2.9. According

2.2.10. According

2.3 Operational Definition

According to 10 characters, management is a process of planning, organizing, leadership, control, and the movement, execution, and supervision to achieve objectives divulging using special skills

2.4 Variable Instruments management concept

Variable concept



Management Theory






-organisasi formal

-organisasi nonformal


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