Thursday, October 8, 2009

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Results Interview with an Account Manager My Wedding

I'm interested and challenged with a job as an Account Manager

because according to my jobs an account manager is very dynamic and fun, because I do not like the job that is too monotonous.

I sociable and easy to adapt to new environments and new people who I knew and I was also able to communicate well.

In my opinion, the existence of a Account Manager is critical in an advertising agency as an Account Manager who is responsible and be a liaison between client and company interests,

Account manager's task is to help guide the client to package their products as attractive as possible, so the message to be conveyed by these products were well received by consumers.

I met and chatted with Mr. Ferdianto, an Account Manager at his office in the "PT. Dentsu Indonesia " located at Graha Niaga lt. 22, Sudirman, Jakarta.

Mr Ferdianto is a Bachelor of Economics, and has been in the world advertisng for 9 years.

Bpk. Ferdianto began his career as an Account Executive for 3 years, before finally in 2001, he was promoted to an Account Manager today.

According to Mr. Ferdianto, a accont Manager is not possible to work alone, but always in a work group (team work) that the department "account sevice".

Works of Account Service itself is:

- assist clients in making a referral to a product

- help clients how to communicate their products for message

to be conveyed can be understood by consumers

While a job Account Manager itself is to manage all the work, both in terms of budget planning and client.

Account Manager is the liaison between the client with advertising agency. He should be able to offer a framework (derived from the creative department) to the client in accordance with the wishes of the client, which is nice, interesting and appropriate to client budget.

responsibility is an Account Manager, manage all the jobs that exist in the Account Service department, while also organizing and heads the Account Executive.

And finally give satisfaction to the client on the work already done.

ability must have an Account Manager according to Mr Fredianto is, first must find opportunities that exist, can negotiate well, can communicate well, and can adapt to the new environment.

In their work, surely there are joys and sorrows. Grief when the client is always impose his own and do not want to hear input and suggestions from other teams, for example of the creative team from the team or the media, or from any other team. In addition, he also frequently complained by the client. According to him, complained and scolded by the client has become commonplace to face every day. In addition to complaints by clients, he also often complained by his friends from other depatment.

And dislike the work is, when there are projects that have received approval, and then launched the brand and ultimately increase sales because its ads were created by his team. That's the satisfaction of work.


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