Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Best Way To Use Linseeds For Constipation

Big Comeback Of Mid-length Skirts!

Hi everyone! Present your styling of today, heavily inspired by the craze for the average length skirts - although in principle I do not follow trends, I must admit that I passed an extremely long skirt and theme marvel outfitami to their use:) My dark green skirt belonged to my grandmother, probably, but I'm not sure - in any case, the prey, which is showing its age;) In this type of sweater that you see in the picture, hunted for some time and I managed to find a secondhandzie for some 6 zł. Wedges the same as usual, but the next I would have to wait until the uzganiam something;)
apologize for the quality of photos, but the sun was setting slowly and I was hurrying.

Hello everyone! I'd like to show you my outfit today Which was strongly inspired by recent trend - mid-lenght skirts. However I usually don't follow fashion I have to admit that this trend is one of my favourite. I fall in love with outfits in which these skirts are used. Mine probably belonged to my grandma but I'm not sure - nevertheless it's old ;) I was looking for this kind of sweater for a long time and I managed to find one recently in one of seconhands. Wedges are still the same but it'll take some time till I earn money for another pair. ;)
Sorry for the quality of photos but I was in hurry!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Does An Hiv Skin Rash Look Like

Casual Leather & Leather Look Small

I did not have time to write any post so supplements the gaps;) Look as you can see quite ordinary, except backpacks, wygrzebanym deep in the cabinet, which gave me many years ago as a gift for something. Besides immortal jacket beloved (only because, heh) wedges and lifted the tube, but probably the only one that really can be called skinny pants as opposed to what the producers call the skinny and what is in the shops under the same name. I love their style, fit, snap closure at the ankles. Unfortunately, since I bought them I could not find another as good behind the trousers, but do not give up - after all, they are already very shabby;) blouse is really nicely decorated, but the pictures of this model is not very visible. You can be assured that I will show her again in another incarnation:) But I'm waiting for warmer weather I have prepared something special and - like me - an innovative. In addition, of course koturnami, which are an integral part of good outifut now, but I'm working on next!

I did not have time to write a post so I'd make it up to you now. As you can see my outfit there is pretty casual An except of the bag That I found in my wardrobe. It was a gift That I got many year ago - I did not even remember what was the reason;) You can also see my immortal leather jacket and my favorite (Because the only ones heh) wedges. That and trousers are really skinny. Not skinny as some Producers say about Their products but skinny as skinny jeans Should Be! The blouse is very pretty so I promise that I'll show it sometime in the future :)
Take care and be prepared for sth new - for me sth odd. But you'll see!

jacket / jacket - vintage
trousers / pants - Bershka
shirt / blouse - mum's
shawl / scarf - vintage (got from great-grandma)
wedges / wedges -
jewelry / jewelery - gifts
backpack / bag - gift

Monday, March 21, 2011

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Sending Your free link or backlink

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

How To Soften Dansko Clogs

How to find blogs or websites price trick

1.Masuk to http: / /
2.Lalu enter the address you want to check prices / valuenya (example:
3.Click button beside the value above and wait a while until loading is complete halamanya
4.Setelah loading is complete you will find a page like the following view

page contains several columns which are:
1.Nilai site: Interpretation of the price or address valau blog / website that you check before
2.Tilik Daily Page: The average number of pages viewed by visitors every day
3.Pengunjung Daily: The average number of visitors (unique IP address)
4.Peringkat Around the World: Ranking Websites / Blogs from around the World
5.Indonesia Rating: Rated Website / blogs from Indonesia alone
6.Jenis web site: type of address (websites, blogs, etc.)
7.PageRank: Pagerank of the website / blog that you check
8.Jumlah page: Number of pages in the Websites / Blogs that you check the external 9.Tautan
: The number of links that go to the website / blog that you check (backlinks)
you can also display the price / value on your website / blog you by way of copying the html code in section "Show pictures of your website" and put the code page of the website / blog you

Was Bedeutet U3 In Test Daf

Adding flash capacity of 1 GB 2 GB

size = 'small'; We have the size or capacity flash is already big. Most people use 2 gb flasdisk flasdisk 1 gb or more, while not meaningless when considered with the help of software we can alter or add to the capacity of 1gb flash can be 2gb. This software, not Software to format flash disk but flasdisk add capacity. What is just writing on flash are so 2 GB but still 1 GB capacity. please try it . Flash disk that originally 1 GB upgraded to 2 GB with simple easy way and simple

So if you have a flash disk 1 gb not quickly disposed of using this software and download software enhancer capacity of this flash disk free.

  1. Previously you Flashdrive into FAT format. Be careful not to wrong.
  2. Then download this software
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  4. click Fix - OK - OK - OK
  5. After Unplug the flash and insert it again.
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Flashdisk Well that was only 1 gb now its capacity to 2-fold (2gb) just easy and simple manner.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Prom House Weekend Rentals


Something happened to my server - displays a sudden I notice as follows, that crossed the site and all pictures I'll have to upload again ... This may take some time, so I apologize for the inconvenience.

Today I'll show you some of my jewelry. Of course it's not everything, but they are the things that I wear most often - unfortunately no one ring that I lost. That's twice. You'll see also my perfumes from Calvin Klein and V & R. Bottle of the latter is cute, just like the smell. ;)

Today I'm gonna show you my small collection of jewellery ;) It's obviously not everything but a part and things I use a lot. You'll see also my perfume - Calvin Klein and V&R. I absolutely love the shape of the V&R's bottle and the smell is also very nice.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can A Dog Have Tarrets

Damage Mosque and the Dome roof Friday

MALANG - Wind noise is also damage to the dome of the mosque in Jalan A Yani Kahuripan. As a result, reading and writing and recitation Quran was abolished. At the Plasa Dieng, apart from the roof because the wind blows directly stop the activities of a computer exhibition.

Around 09.00 am until 10.00 am, Yaniv A mosque dome made of stainless steel was blown apart just menyisahkan Part of stainless steel in the framework of the dome. This event actually started happening after hours Tuesday night (12 / 1) yesterday, but a new peak yesterday. Losses arising from the incident''is about USD 75 million,''said Vice Chairman of the Takmir Mosque A Yaniv, M Nur. Other impacts, continued Nur, negating the activity of Al Quran is read and write about three days.

read and write''The Holy Quran followed 107 children. For the avoidance of incidents of unwanted, eliminated first. Likewise, regular recitation activities eliminated first,''explained Nur.

At Plasa Dieng, the raging winds also damaged the roof of the center of the shopping center. Tragically, Dieng Plaza rooftop wind blown apart during the ongoing exhibition of the computer.

Do not want to risk, a number of exhibitors were busy-busy securing any of the goods exhibited. In fact there are exhibitors who choose not to continue the exhibition.

While visitors Plasa Dieng was worried because the wind is heard howling in the plaza. Plasa Dieng

GM, Imam Gozali explained, the incident happened at around 11:00 pm. ''Only one sheet (the roof) is affected. But our immediate fix,''explained Imam Gozali, yesterday.

He confirmed, when the incident was ongoing computer exhibition. The number of participants''around 30. The exhibition was terminated because today (yesterday) the last day. Faster over the last Day for fear of rain,''explained Gozali.

gripping precisely Conditions occur in Muharto. Wind memporakporanda rooftops of some residents in Muharto, alley V, yesterday. Even the home of one resident had to have dropped like a rock.

Chairman RT 08, RW 11, Kelurahan Old Town, M Bahrudin recorded five houses damaged. Although the time to make a panic, yesterday afternoon, residents began activities as usual.

Houses citizens most exposed to wind damage in Muharto Gang V, which is owned Supriyono and Sudaryanto. The two adjoining houses are located in the City Housing Graha Asri, Muharto, alley V.

roof in most houses owned Supriyono made from a mixture of asbestos and zinc so the wind drift at around 10.00 am. And then he was going to fix as previously damaged roofs.

Likewise Sudaryanto owned housing conditions. The roof on the number of rooms, dianataranya living room and bedroom space was also damaged.

Until yesterday afternoon, Supriyono and Sudaryanto not counting losses due to hurricanes. Tragically, until yesterday afternoon, have not had time to fix homes damaged by high winds are continuing.

Two houses not far from the house belonging to Supriyono and Sudaryanto also damaged on the roof. While other homes suffered only minor damage only.

This event could shake the residents Muharto Gang V. Once the roof flying, people were busy-busy out of the house. Besides going to seek a safer haven, residents saw damaged houses.

While some residents were gathering outside the house, the walls of the house one of the residents Muharto Gang V rocked by wind. Some residents were asked to stay away. Residents

actually been worried since the previous night. This is because around the existing tower swaying homes and make a sound. ''We were scared because it was unusual. Moreover, there are voices that emerged from the tower due to wind,''said a resident. (Van / avi)

source: = 46: tribunngalam & Itemid = 71

Nipple Piering Vedios

Plasa Dieng and Privileges Juma'ah

From Aus Radhiallahu 'anhu, he said, the Messenger of Allah, said: " best of your day is Friday: the day that Adam was created, on that day he diwafatkan, on that day the trumpet is blown, on that day man rose from the grave, then perbanyaklah blessings on me on that day, because you will be blessings to me, "The Companions asked:" O Messenger of Allah, how disclosed to you while you've ruined body (already fused with the land when it died ). He replied: "Verily Allah has forbidden the earth to eat (destroy) the bodies of Prophets." [HR, "al-Khamsah]

Friday is sayyidul Ayyam. This means that Friday has keistemewaan than other days. If the names the other day showed a sequence of numbers (on Sunday means the first day, itsnain or Monday was the second day, tsulatsa or Tuesday is the third day, arbi'a or Wednesday is the fourth day and khamis or Thursday is the fifth day), then Fri ' at is the sum of all of them.

According to some versions, said Friday jama'a taken from the word meaning to gather. That day encounter or meeting days of Adam and Eve in the Jabal Rahmah. Friday word can also be interpreted as a time of gathering of Muslims to carry out goodness-Friday-prayer. One proof

privilege is disyariatkannya Friday prayers Friday. Namely Dhuhr Salat in congregation on Friday. -Fri 'atan-. Even his bathroom Friday does contain a religious element, as is Sunnah.

In Al-Hawi al-Kabir's work Mawardi, Imam Shafi'i explains the Sunnah bath on Friday. Although the Friday prayers held on Dhuhr prayers, but bathing should be done since Friday morning, after dawn. One hadith explains that anyone who bath on Friday and listen to sermons on Friday, then God will forgive sins in between the two Friday.

Therefore, our good intentions always include every bath in Friday morning. Because it will give the value of worship in our bath. This is what distinguishes a shower in the morning Friday with the other bath-tub.

Juma'ah-Fri 'atan-weekly conference can be regarded as your' usbu'iy almonds-which have very high social value. Because Friday is the Muslims in one particular area reconcilable. They can see each other, bersilaturrahim, greet each, establish mutual familiarity. In the Juma village life can be used as a vehicle anjangsana. Those who stay in the western area can be met with a group of east and so forth.

Similarly, within the scope of urban, Juma was able to establish unity among employees. They are busy working every day on the sixth floor, to meet fellow employees that his days working on the third floor and so on. Togetherness and silaturrahim
is certainly difficult to occur if Juma be done alone, such as Ibn Hazm opinion, or simply by two people just like her qaul Nakho'i Imam, or Imam Hanafi opinion that allowed Juma with only the following three priests. Therefore according to Imam Shafi'i Juma can be considered valid if attended by forty men. In other words, the determination of forty men as a legitimate condition Friday prayers by Imam Shafi'i has outstanding benefits. This

prove how epistemogi Aswaja jama'ah-wal-Ahlussunnah practiced by Imam Shafi'i always put the interests together. Togetherness and unity in the mindset Aswaja-Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah is very important. Not only in the realm of political and doctrinal camps, but also in the context of worship. (Nu_online)

Ethics Welcoming Friday
1. Bath Bath Friday

on Friday is obligatory for every Muslim who baligh based on the hadeeth of Abu Sa'eed al Khudri, where the Prophet said, which means, "Bath on Friday is compulsory for every person who baligh." (HR . Bukhari and Muslim). Bathing is required for this Friday every Muslim man who has baligh, but not mandatory for children, women, the sick, and travelers. While time is before leaving Friday prayers. The procedure for this Friday bath shower jenabat as usual. Prophet said that means, "Whoever Friday like a shower bath jenabat." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

2. Clean and dress Wearing perfume
Messenger said, "Who bath on Friday, purification according to ability, smoothed her hair, put on perfume, then go to the mosque, and entered the mosque without stepping in between two people to pass through, and then pray according to guidance and be quiet when priests berkhutbah, would be forgiven his sins in between two Fridays. "[HR. Bukhari]

3. Halt Activities Marketplace and hasten to the mosque
Anas bin Malik said," We berpagi-morning to Friday prayers and take a nap after Friday prayers. "(HR . Bukhari). Al Hafidz Ibn Hajar said, "The meaning of this hadith is the friends begin Friday prayers at the beginning of time before they take a nap, in contrast to their habit of prayer Dhuhr when hot, actually the companions slept first, then pray when the sun has lower the heat. "(See Fath Bari II/388)

4. Salat Sunna Friday Prayers Before and After Abu Hurairah RA
said that Prophet Muhammad said," Whoever bath and then come to Friday prayers, then he prayed he could and he quietly listened to a sermon to finish, then pray with the priest his sins will be forgiven for starting this Friday until next Friday plus three days. "[HR. Muslims]

5. Read Surat Al-Kahf
Prophet said: which means, "Whoever reads surat Al Kahf on Friday, then God will be illuminated between the two Fridays."

6. Shalawat reproduce.
From Anas, the Prophet said: "multiply blessings on Friday and Friday night." [HR. Bayhaqi]. (* / Udi)

Four Questions on the Hereafter
Every Muslim must believe in the five pillars of faith, which believe in a final day or the Day of Judgement, where all the universe and its contents will be destroyed and all that is called human beings will perish, then people who are in the grave will be raised again in order to account for what was done during life in world.

On that day, useless possessions, children, not helpful what the proud over the world. On that day there was only a single ruler, that is God Almighty who has given various kinds of favors to men, then He instructed to use these favors as well as possible in order to serve Him.
We do not know our age until it reaches digit number and also we do not know when we will be called by him. Fortunately for for humans, who have prepared all this by carrying out the commandments of God and away from everything what became of his ban in the world. When the man had reached the desert mashyar would later form the 12 rows of the Prophet Muhammad with a variety of forms and shapes appropriate to do charitable deeds.

Once, Muaz bin Jabal r. a face Rasullullah sa w and asked:
"O Rasullullah, please describe to me about the word of God Almighty:
" At the time of the trumpet is blown, then you all come marching-line "- (Surah an-naba ': 18)

Hearing questions , the king cried to wet clothes. Then the king answered: "O Muaz, you had posed to me, a very big case, that my people will be herded, gathered rows to 12 rows, each with their own innate. And one by one we will answer the 4 (four) questions as the responsibility for life on earth "
In a hadith the Messenger of Allah said:" It is not to shift the second leg of a servant (to limit shiratul mustaqim) so he was asked about his age, for what he spent, science to resume practicing what he, his property from which he obtained from and where he spent, and his body to what he used. "(Reported by Tirmidhi and Ad-Darimi).

Age Age is something that is never separated from the human. When we talk about age, it means that we are talking about time. Allah in the Qur'an has vowed to time: "By the time", meaning more attention to human time. God-given time is 24 hours in a day-night. For what we use that time? Is it time to worship or to others, who in vain?

Science Studies that have been learned by Muslims should be used for the benefit of Islam. Studies that have been sued and must be studied diamalkan according to Islamic law. Science will not mean anything in life and human life except when people practice it. Sa w
Messenger said: "Beramallah you (with the knowledge that there is) because each person facilitated according to what God created it. "(Muslim).

3. Treasure
Every Muslim must be careful in looking for his livelihood for many people the urgency of economic problems and it has so no matter where the treasure is more than he gained. There is obtained a wealth of businesses that vanity, for example, unpaid debt, corruption, usury, robbery, gambling and so forth.
People who are looking for from the illicit business will get punishment from God, as spoken by the Messenger of Allah: "Those whose flesh grew from the illicit goods, then the hell is more worthy of him (as a place)." (Reported by al-Hakim).

4. Agency of Human
is the most perfect beings created by God on this earth. With the perfection of the composition of the body and mind of God-given intellect, humans serve as the caliph in the earth, man is burdened taklif for to carry out their functions properly. This human physical work required to perform the functions caliphate in order to serve God. Tired man in carrying out the worship of God will be rewarded with a reward.

But when tired in order to play, doing immoral, futile act, worship that is not exemplified by the Messenger of Allah, then tired in vain, even there will be rewarded with the fire of Hell, because they included people the wretched, as word of the Messenger of Allah: "Each charity (work) there were times the spirit and the spirit of each period there is the tired, tired tired because then whoever sunnahku perform, then he has received instructions, and he who is tired not because sunnahku perform, then he is among those should perish. "(Narrated by al-Hakim and al-Bayhaqi). (Mhd / Udi)

study of fiqh
Times Haram for Salat

QUESTION: When and how many hours that includes times when illegitimate for us to pray?

ANSWER: The time that is forbidden to pray there are five: (1) after the Dawn Prayer (Fajr) until the rising of the sun, (2) of the rising sun to rise as high as the spear, which is approximately 10 or fifteen minutes later, (3) when the sun was right at the peak (noon) until shifted to the west, (4) after Asr Salat until sunset, (5) when the sun set to disappear on the horizon and into the Maghrib.

Fifth time is then divided into two: there is a ban light (after Fajr and after Asr), while the rest is strictly prohibited. Even some scholars assert that the time after Fajr and after Asr is not forbidden, but in makruhkan. What really prohibited is when the sun rises to go up as high as the spear, when the sun was right at the top, and when the sun begins to set (from yellow) to disappear. However

barred done at that time not all the prayers. But according to scholars who are prohibited jumhur is sunnah prayers absolute (which for no reason). While the obligatory prayers and prayers for the obligatory prayers qadha still be done at that time. So should perform obligatory prayers or making up those against him at times that prohibited it.

later scholars disagree about the sunnah prayers which have a cause like Salat Sunna Mosque Tahiyyatul Thawaf and Salat. partly allowed, partly memakruhkan. And Allaah knows best-bish shawab. (Syariah_online)


Is Medical Insurance Premiums Deductible In 2010

Celebrates Birthday of Prophet SAW prayed Hasanah

Indeed the Prophet Muhammad had never done her birthday commemoration ceremony. We have never come across a hadith / nash who testified that on each of 12 Rabi al-Awwal (some historians say 9 Rabi al-Awwal), the Prophet Muhammad held a memorial service the day of his birth. Even when he is dead, we have never found the companions may Allah be pleased to do it. Nor do the ins and tabi tabi `tabi` in `it.

According to Imam As-Suyuti, recorded as the first king who commemorate the birthday of the Prophet was with extraordinary festive celebrations is the King of Al-Mudhaffar Abu Sa `id ibn Kukburi Zainuddin Ali bin Baktakin (l.549 H. - w.630 H.). No less than 300,000 dinars remove him sincerely for charity on the anniversary of this Mawlid. The point raise morale by reading syi'ir and literary works that tell the story of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

Among the most famous works are the works of Sheikh Al-litany that displays the history of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in the form natsar (prose) and nazham (poetry). Because of the popularity, so that this litany of art to this day still we often hear recited in the Prophet's birthday anniversary ceremonies.

And since it is tradition to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in many Islamic countries. Core of the show is actually more to the reading of poems and syi `ir events to turn the birth of Prophet Muhammad morale and unity Muslims in the face of the enemy onslaught. Then form the show's growing and varied.

In Indonesia, especially in the pesantren, the kiai used to only read syi'ir and it poems, without filled with lectures. But then there came the idea to exploit the momentum of the tradition of the Prophet's birthday which is inherent in this society as a medium for preaching and teaching of Islam. Finally lecture birthday became one of the core events that must exist, as well as the attraction of boarding pupils. Even some Muslim organizations have tried to use the momentum is not limited to ceremonial and haflah merely, but also to do good deeds, such as social service, compensation to the poor, an exhibition of Islamic products, and other activities more touches problems of society. Overall

salaf scholars regard this act, including bid `ah. Since we never ordered by the Messenger of Allah and never exemplified by the Companions, such as the celebration but including heresy hasanah (something good). As the Prophet Muhammad and reception celebrating the birth of revelation by way to fast every day of his birth, which is loyal to the Prophet fasted on Monday to be grateful for the birth and early acceptance of revelation. "Of the Abi al-Anshori RA Qotadah real Prophet Muhammad was asked about fasting on Monday. Prophet Muhammad said: On that day I was born and the revelation sent down to me. "(Muslim).
We are encouraged to rejoice at the mercy and the gift of Allah to us. Including the birth of Prophet Muhammad who brought mercy to the universe. Allah says: "Say: 'With the bounty of Allah and His mercy, let them rejoice. Kurnia God and His mercy is better than what they collect. " "(QS.Yunus: 58).

There is a hadith narrated by Al-Bukhari. This hadeeth was explained that on every Monday, Abu Lahab lightened siksanya in Hell compared to other days. That's because that when the Holy Prophet was born, he was very pleased to welcome its birth to the point that he felt the need to liberate (emancipate) slave named Tsuwaibatuh Al-Aslamiyah.

If Abu Lahab, the non-Muslims and the Qur'an clearly mencelanya, siksanya mitigated because the expression of joy the birth of Prophet Muhammad, then what about those who are Muslims are happy with the birth of Prophet Muhammad? (HM Cholil Nafis MA, Vice Chairman of the Board Bahtsul Masa'il)

Organized Come Over Early
Mosque of the Prophet recommends us earlier and more quickly went to the mosque. Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet said: 'If the people know the rewards are there in the first adhan and the shaft, then they can not get it other than by way of voting, they will follow the votes. "

'And if they know the reward available on the early arrival, they will race the race came early to get there. "

'And if they know that there is merit in the Isha prayers and Fajr Prayer [the mosque], they will come to the mosque even by crawling' [al-Bukhari, no 615]

hadeeth that clearly shows the primacy of people who want to come over first to the mosque. Messenger convey the reward of those who want to come early. So great that people will scramble to get the first rows, so that the draw was held. Really strong and great reward.

Not in Front of People Through Prayer
No passes in front of people who were praying, and disunnatkan for people who pray to put limits on the front. Messenger of Allah said: "Had that pass by in front of people who are praying that know the sins of his actions, he would stand up from a distance of forty it is better for him than to pass before him." (Muttafaq alaih). (*)

Revealing History of the Prophet Muhammad SAW (1) Teen Age
Commerce Business Learning PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAW bin 'Abdullah was the bearer of Islamic teachings and believed by Muslims as a prophet of God (Apostles), the last. According to traditional Muslim biographies (called sirah in Arabic). Prophet Muhammad was born estimated at around 20 April 570 / 571, in Mecca and died on June 8, 632 in Medina. Both cities are located in the Hejaz (Saudi Arabia today). Michael H.

Hart, in his book The 100, set the Prophet Muhammad as the most influential figures in human history. According to Hart, the Prophet Muhammad was the only person who managed to achieve remarkable success, both in terms of religious and worldly matters. He leads the nation that originally underdeveloped and fragmented, becoming the nation forward are even able to defeat the Roman army on the battlefield.

"Muhammad" in Arabic means "he who praised". Muslims believe that Islam brought by Prophet Muhammad is the refinement of the religions brought by previous prophets. They called him with title of Apostle Allāh, and add a sentence Shalallaahu 'alayhi wasallam, which means "May God give him happiness and safety"; often abbreviated as "SAS" or "SAW") after his name. In addition, the Qur'an in Surah As-Saff (Surah 61:6) mentions Muhammad as "Ahmad", which in Arabic also means "praiseworthy".

Genealogy prophet Muhammad from his parents returned to Kilab ibn Murrah ibn Ka'b bin Lu'ay bin Ghalib bin Fihr (Quraish) ibn Malik ibn an-Nadr (Qais) the son of Kinana son Khuzaimah bin Mudrikah (Amir) bin Elias bin Mudar ibn Nizar ibn Ma `ad son of Adnan. Adnan Where are the descendants of men into seven from Ismail bin Ibrahim, the offspring of Sam son of Noah. Muhammad was born on Monday, 12 Rabi 'Early in 571 BC (better known as the Year of the Elephant).

Birth of Prophet Muhammad
The authors sirah (biography) of Prophet Muhammad is generally agreed that he was born in the Year of the Elephant, the year 570 AD Muhammad was born in Makkah, in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula, a place that when it is the most backward regions in the world, far from the center of commerce, arts, and science. His father, Abdullah, died in the course of trade in Yathrib, when Muhammad was still in the womb. He left behind five camels, a flock of sheep and a slave woman named Umm Ayman who later parenting Prophet.

At the time of the Prophet Muhammad was six years old, his mother Aminah bint Wahab took him to Yathrib (Madinah) to visit his family and visited the tomb of his father. But on the way home, his mother fell ill. After several days, Aminah died in Abwa 'which is located not far from Yathrib, and buried there. After his mother died, Muhammad little guarded by his grandfather, 'Abd al-Muttalib. After his grandfather died, he was guarded by his uncle, Abu Talib. When he is asked to herding his goats in the vicinity of Makkah and often accompanied his uncle in their commercial affairs into the country Sham (Syria, Lebanon and Palestine).

Almost all hadith scholars and historians agree that the Prophet Muhammad Rabiulawal born in the month, although they are different opinions about the date. Among Shiites, according to the direction of the priest who is a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, stating that he was born on Friday, 17 Rabiulawal, while the Sunnis believe that he was born on Monday, 12 Rabiulawal.

When the Prophet Muhammad reached the age of adolescence and develop into an adult, he began studying martial arts and archery, as well by science to increase his skills in the trade. Trade became a common thing done and regarded as one of a stable income. Prophet Muhammad accompanied his uncle's trade to the North and as soon as possible about the honesty and trustworthy nature of the Prophet Muhammad in bringing trading business has expanded, making it credible as a selling agent intermediary merchandise Mecca residents.
Someone who has heard about the young man who was trusted with was a widow named Khadijah. He is someone who has a high status in the Arab tribes and Khadijah often send merchandise to every corner of the area in Arab lands. Reputation Muhammad fascinated so make Khadija asked him to bring in merchandise goods trade. Prophet Muhammad was promised by him will be paid twice and Khadijah was very impressed with the return of the Prophet Muhammad with a profit of more than usual.

Finally, the Prophet Muhammad had fallen in love with Khadija, then they married. At that time the Prophet Muhammad was 25 years old, while Khadijah approaching the age of 40 years, but he still has a captivating beauty. Differences in age and status is very much owned by the widow Khadija, not an obstacle for them, because at that time the Quraish tribe has more tradition and culture that emphasizes marriage with a girl rather than a widow. Despite their wealth increases, the Prophet Muhammad continue as people who have a simple lifestyle, he would prefer to distribute finances to things that are more important. (Continued)


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Takmir Berobsesi Thousand Wake Tower Coming to the mosque

STONE-Stone Town's rapid development as a tourism city, inspiring Muslims in Lahor Road, Hamlet Village Macara Pesanggrahan to immediately enhance the presence of Masjid Al Mukhlisin. The oldest mosque built the first time in the subdistrict of Batu, would be enhanced by the construction of a thousand minarets.
Obsession is already disclosed yesterday takmir community leaders and local mosques to the mayor of Stone, Eddy Rumpoko, after prayers Friday in the mosque. Eddy
Rumpoko did yesterday intentionally walk from the town hall along with Secretary, Widodo for Friday prayers at the mosque. "We plan to build a thousand minarets of the mosque. Perhaps the mayor will donate a tower, so also Mr. Secretary and other officials. Construction, we will start with the tower of Mr. Wali, "said Ulul Azmi, one of the community leaders who joined the meeting with the mayor after prayers Friday.
mayor's presence, could make a surprise pilgrims because there are no prior notice. According to him, the construction of a thousand minarets is nothing extravagant, because it had long ripened takmir party with self-generated funds. "In the future it could also be a place of religious tourism, for tourists who come to the City of Stone," he added.
Eddy responded positively, the existence let alone its beautiful mosques, further strengthening the religious foundations of the younger generation, in addition to functioning as a center of worship. "To demand that, Insha Allah. Obviously being increasingly make this city more beautiful, "said Eddy Rumpoko.
Son Ebes Sugiyono (late), former mayor of Malang was hoping the community and religious leaders to help government in maintaining the identity of citizens, because this city has become an open city. Disclosure is not to undermine the identity of citizens, especially those related to negative things.
After the ceremony, the mayor also gave his advice to students MI Darul Ulum stones in the courtyard of the mosque. Building MI Darul Ulum is located one complex with the Masjid Al Mukhlisin. (AIM / lyo)


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Prompts More Early Wake

Ethics in the Prophet's Mosque

we recommend earlier and more quickly went to the mosque. Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet said: 'If people know that there is merit in the call to prayer and the first rows, then they can not get it other than by way of raffle, lottery, they would follow it. "

'And if they know that there is merit in an early arrival, they will race the race to come early to get there. "

'And if they know that there is merit in the Isha prayers and Fajr Prayer [the mosque], they will come to the mosque even by crawling' [Al-Bukhari, no 615]

hadeeth that clearly shows the primacy of people who would come first to the mosque. Messenger convey the reward of those who want to come early. So great that people will scramble to get the first rows, so that the draw was held. Really strong and great reward.

Not in Front of People Through Prayer

No passes in front of people who were praying, and praying disunnatkan for people who put a limit on the front. Messenger of Allah said: "Had that pass by in front of people who are praying that know the sins of his actions, he would stand up from a distance of forty it is better for him than to pass before him." (Muttafaq alaih). (*)

After Eating Meat, Is Sunnah Ablution?
QUESTION: After eating meat (sheep / cow / camel) whether voluntary or compulsory legal to do it again?
Tutut, Malang

ANSWER: They said there are some places / conditions disunnahkan to perform ablution, among others:

1. Ablution for every prayer (though not yet berhadats) it is based on the words of the Prophet Muhammad: "Even if not going to incriminate my Ummah, I would instruct them to do it every time you perform the prayers, and I ordered also to bersiwak (brushing teeth) whenever ablution" ( HR Ahmad from Abu Hurairoh, Nailul Author 1 / 210)

2. Purification ritual when going to sleep, based on those words of the Prophet Muhammad on the Bara 'bin' Azib: "When you come to your bed, you should perform ablution as ablution for prayer, then lie down you to the right, then berdo'alah:" Inni Allohumma Aslamtu Nafsii Ilaika, Wa Wajjahtu Wajhi Ilaika, Fawwadhtu Amrii Ilaika Wa, Wa Alja'tu Dzhohrii Ilaika, Wa Laa Laa Malja'a Manjaa Minka ilaa Ilaika, Aamantu bikitaabikalladzii Anzalta Binabiyyikalladzii Arsalta Wa. " (Reported by Bukhari, at-Tirmidzy and Ahmad)

3. Before bathing junub, or berjunub people who want to eat, drink, sleep or when they want to repeat berjima '. Aisha RA said: "When the Prophet SAW was junub and intend to eat or sleep, he made ablution before "(Muslim and Ahmad). Abu Sa'eed al-Khudry said: "When any one of you is complete intercourse with his wife and intends to repeat it, let him perform ablution" (HR Bukhari except Jama'ah)

4. Ablution when will read the Koran, read the hadith of the Prophet SAW.

5. Ablution when finished angry, because it was narrated by Imam Ahmad that the ablution to extinguish the flames of anger someone.

6. Ablution after bathing the deceased or lug it, because there are words of the Prophet Muhammad which states: "Any person who bathe the deceased, let him take a bath, and whoever carried him let him perform ablution" (HR Abu Daud, Ibn Majah and Ibn Hibbaan; hasan hadeeth).

7. Jumhur scholars have argued that people who eat camel meat or eat food that is burned, disunnahkan for ablution. Jabir RA said: "The most recent lawsuit between two things (whether or not mandatory ablution) of the Prophet Muhammad left the obligation ablution after eating food that is burned." (Reported by Abu Dawud, at-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah). Wallahua'lam bishshowab. (Syariah_online)

Revealing History of the Prophet Muhammad (2)

Physical Characteristics
Prophet Muhammad Aisha and Ali ibn Abi Talib has been detailing the physical characteristics and appearance of the Prophet Muhammad SAW daily. Among them, is a curly hair color little red, decomposed to the shoulder. The skin is reddish-white, round face with a pair of likely black eyes and long eyelashes. Not a mustache and beard during sekepalan hands. Bone

large head and broad shoulders. Her body is not too high nor too short, stocky berpostur very beautiful and fitting among his people. Fine body hairs extending from the navel to the chest. Fingers and feet, thick and elongated tapering.

When walking fast and not likely to ever put the palms of his feet, he walked quickly and surely. When turned, it menolehkan face and body simultaneously. In between his shoulders there is a prophetic sign, and indeed he is closing the prophets. He was the most generous, most tolerant, most honest words, most responsible and her social best. Anyone who interact with him surely will love it.

Every person who met the Prophet Muhammad would have said, "I've never seen anyone like him, both before and after."
That's Prophet Muhammad in the eyes of the audience, because he have a certain character as depicted very noble Qur'an, "And lo! you are truly a great virtuous character. "(Al-Pen: 4).

In the hadith narrated by Bukhari, Muhammad is described as being white and black beard with gray hair. In one hadith explained the physical pattern of the Prophet, namely: Anas bin Malik (ra) narrated: The Messenger. medium bodied, brightly patterned skin, not white nor black but true. He can say straight hair and a bit choppy. Allah Almighty raised him as a prophet at the age of forty years. After that he lived in Makkah for thirteen years. Then in Medina for ten years. God called him to appear before him at the age of sixty-three years. At that new little white hair growing in his hair and beard.

Hind bin Abi Halah (ra) was told by Hasan bin Ali (ra) as follows: The Prophet (peace be upon him) has a personal character and are very great in the eyes of the beholders. His face glow as bright as full moon. He was slightly higher than our average, but shorter than a tall person. His head is bigger than average, and his hair slightly curly (wavy).
If you can dikuakan (split), then he was roaring, If you can not then he let it go. When his hair rather long, will reach the ear of his ear. Brightly colored his skin and his wide forehead. His eyebrows arched and thick black. dianta eyebrows visible veins that throb when he is emotional or passionate. His nose slightly arched and glossy when exposed to light and looked rather striking when we first saw it, but not so real. He

thin beard, but full flat to the cheeks. His mouth was, he was brilliant white teeth and somewhat tenuous. His shoulders nice and solid mounted, as in the cast with silver. Other members of his body completely normal and proportionate. Balanced his chest and waist size.

area around his shoulder blades wide enough, and installed properly. His body parts are not covered even look clean and bright. Unless the fine hairs that grow from the chest and grow up to the navel. Upper arm and his hairy chest. His wrist long enough, he was rather wide palms and soles of both his hands and feet contain solid, fingers and his feet pretty slim. Soles of his feet enough and upper curve smooth and clean-cut, so while he was cleaning it, then the water will slide down quickly.

If he runs, he moved to the position of the body leaning slightly forward, but he moved gracefully. Step length and fast and he looks like a down (jump) from a height. If he was dealing with someone, then she looked at him attentively. His view has always been subdued under the terms of (the Qur'an), and more often to look down from above. He never stares at someone, his eyes are always cool. He is always running a bit behind, especially when traveling jauhdan he always greets people ahead met on the road.

Jabir bin Samurah (ra) narrates: Rasulullah (SAW) has a rather wide mouth, the eyes he looks too red stripes. And his slender heel.
Jabir (ra) also narrated: I have a chance to see the Prophet (SAW) in the moonlight, san (I) also noticed the moon was, for me he is more beautiful than the moon.

Jabir bin Abdullah (ra) narrated, Prophet (SAW) once said: I witnessed the scene (spiritual) of prophets. Among them, Moses (as). He (Moses), slender-boned like the people of the tribe Shannah; and I saw Isa ibn Maryam (as) that are similar from the people I have ever see, namely Urwah bin Mas'ud (ra) and I saw Ibrahim (AS), he is very similar to this friend (meaning his own self), I also saw the angel Gabriel that are similar to Dehya Kalbi "
Said al Jahiri (ra) narrated: I heard Abu Taufik (ra) said: "Right now there is no longer living (still living) that never saw the Messenger of Allah himself, except me." So I (Said ra) said to her: "Describe to me." He replied , "The Prophet (peace be upon him) had his face very bright and very good stature. (Continued)

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Can I Get Herpes From Shaving My Pubes?

Batik Design Dome, Rely Jamaat Infaq

Takmir Masjid Ahmad Yani Malang do not want to linger to see the dome of the mosque is damaged by the hurricane broom on January 12 to 13 last. The accident brings wisdom for takmir mosque to redesign the dome that was built since the 1960's it. To rebuild the dome on top of the mosque will cost Rp 330 million. Not a small fund for takmir mosque.

hurricane disaster on January 12 to 13 then, into events that can not be forgotten for takmir mosque in Jalan Kota Malang Kahuripan it. A very strong wind made the existing mosque dome in the center of it flew up onto the highway. Although there were no casualties in the incident, but the dome was built circa The 1960s was shattered.

not wait long, immediately clean the mosque takmir irons stenlis vault remaining. In order not to fly back and cause events things that are not desirable. While cleaning the dome is shattered, takmir instantly recalculate the cost of construction of the dome. Design and dome material was changed, no longer uses the framework stenlis. Dome of the new mosque will be made permanent with the cast. Development

mosque dome in fact already been discussed previously by takmir. Long before the hurricane disaster that destroyed the dome of the mosque. Because it takes careful planning and the costs are large, dome building plans had stalled.

"God wills other. Strong winds some time ago, destroyed the dome of the mosque and require us to rebuild it soon. That's a lesson for us, "said deputy Takmir Masjid A. Yani, Ahmad Mahbub to Malang Post, yesterday.
From the initial count takmir with implementing the construction of the dome, the dome construction costs require a fund of Rp 330 million. Development plan that was submitted to the congregational mosque A. Yani. Takmir mosque rely infak and alms from the pilgrims to development.

To facilitate acceptance and charity infak dome construction, takmir opened a special desk to receive infak of pilgrims. Takmir also put a big banner in front of the mosque dome construction plan complete with the picture's shattered dome of the mosque hit by hurricanes.
Since opening the box to the construction of the dome, the mosque and Muslim worshipers were very enthusiastic to donate some of his property to the mosque. The majority of mosques in Indonesia is still relying on charity box as the main support its activities. Often infak funds collected are not sufficient to merely the physical maintenance of buildings, how much more the implementation of programs, staff salaries, and other needs.

"Alhamdulillah since it opened about 1.5 months ago, until now high enough enthusiastic pilgrims. Until now the collected funds from pilgrims Rp 230 million from USD 330 million funding is needed, "he explained.

infak Fund was purely from the pilgrims. Until recently, there has been no contribution from the City Government of Malang to rebuilding the broken dome was hit by a hurricane. The information Malang city government will put out his hand to help build it, but takmir not know when it will be realized. "There has been assistance from institutions such as YDSF and BMT A Yani that there is one complex with a mosque. We are open to channel infak of the pilgrims and Muslims in general, "he explained.

dome design to be built was quite unique. Dome of the mosque will be decorated with ornaments batik. Because in the middle of town, took the initiative to beautify the mosque takmir better.

currently building a new dome, will be continued on the construction of mosques that will fence slicked up and also the buildings. In order for the mosque looked beautiful and lovely, so comforting pilgrims who worship there and become the pride of Muslims in the city of Malang. Everything will be done gradually and continue to rely infak of Muslims who wish to save for akhiratnya. (Muhaimin)

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Would A Platapus Make A Good Pet?

Cat Power / minipost Her Morning Elegance

Wearing: vintage blazer, sh sweater, Zara leggins, Asos wedges, vintage bag, H & M necklace

this kit is the biggest surprise for me sweatshirt, found in a closet at Grandma's - surprise, because I remember when my younger sister (and high school) wore it as a kid in elementary school ;) This Zara leggings with leather inserts, which unfortunately do not see here - but the pictures taken on quickly.

In this set the biggest surprise for me is blazer found in grandmother's closet - the surprise because I remember my sister (now in high school) wearing it as a child in primary school;). And new Zara Leggins with leather parts but they aren't shown there - photos were taken fast .

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Archery Laws In Ontario,canada

Wearing: ASOS wedges, vintage blazer, H&M hat, vintage blouse, orsay ring

Na początku martwiłam się, że nie podołam walking in the hair are, but as it turned out, after several exits are convenient and they are my favorite shoes. Navy ever found with their grandmother, in her endless wardrobe full of treasures, and the skirt was a gift. Juliet appears on the label's Closet, but I saw an identical cut skirts, but pale pink in Zara. Shirt and an old gift lying in the closet enough - is a little short, but I love the shine of the crown on the front and I do not give her heart, sell or anything, so it is ideal for everything from an elevated status. Enjoy!

invite Lookbook:)