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Damage Mosque and the Dome roof Friday

MALANG - Wind noise is also damage to the dome of the mosque in Jalan A Yani Kahuripan. As a result, reading and writing and recitation Quran was abolished. At the Plasa Dieng, apart from the roof because the wind blows directly stop the activities of a computer exhibition.

Around 09.00 am until 10.00 am, Yaniv A mosque dome made of stainless steel was blown apart just menyisahkan Part of stainless steel in the framework of the dome. This event actually started happening after hours Tuesday night (12 / 1) yesterday, but a new peak yesterday. Losses arising from the incident''is about USD 75 million,''said Vice Chairman of the Takmir Mosque A Yaniv, M Nur. Other impacts, continued Nur, negating the activity of Al Quran is read and write about three days.

read and write''The Holy Quran followed 107 children. For the avoidance of incidents of unwanted, eliminated first. Likewise, regular recitation activities eliminated first,''explained Nur.

At Plasa Dieng, the raging winds also damaged the roof of the center of the shopping center. Tragically, Dieng Plaza rooftop wind blown apart during the ongoing exhibition of the computer.

Do not want to risk, a number of exhibitors were busy-busy securing any of the goods exhibited. In fact there are exhibitors who choose not to continue the exhibition.

While visitors Plasa Dieng was worried because the wind is heard howling in the plaza. Plasa Dieng

GM, Imam Gozali explained, the incident happened at around 11:00 pm. ''Only one sheet (the roof) is affected. But our immediate fix,''explained Imam Gozali, yesterday.

He confirmed, when the incident was ongoing computer exhibition. The number of participants''around 30. The exhibition was terminated because today (yesterday) the last day. Faster over the last Day for fear of rain,''explained Gozali.

gripping precisely Conditions occur in Muharto. Wind memporakporanda rooftops of some residents in Muharto, alley V, yesterday. Even the home of one resident had to have dropped like a rock.

Chairman RT 08, RW 11, Kelurahan Old Town, M Bahrudin recorded five houses damaged. Although the time to make a panic, yesterday afternoon, residents began activities as usual.

Houses citizens most exposed to wind damage in Muharto Gang V, which is owned Supriyono and Sudaryanto. The two adjoining houses are located in the City Housing Graha Asri, Muharto, alley V.

roof in most houses owned Supriyono made from a mixture of asbestos and zinc so the wind drift at around 10.00 am. And then he was going to fix as previously damaged roofs.

Likewise Sudaryanto owned housing conditions. The roof on the number of rooms, dianataranya living room and bedroom space was also damaged.

Until yesterday afternoon, Supriyono and Sudaryanto not counting losses due to hurricanes. Tragically, until yesterday afternoon, have not had time to fix homes damaged by high winds are continuing.

Two houses not far from the house belonging to Supriyono and Sudaryanto also damaged on the roof. While other homes suffered only minor damage only.

This event could shake the residents Muharto Gang V. Once the roof flying, people were busy-busy out of the house. Besides going to seek a safer haven, residents saw damaged houses.

While some residents were gathering outside the house, the walls of the house one of the residents Muharto Gang V rocked by wind. Some residents were asked to stay away. Residents

actually been worried since the previous night. This is because around the existing tower swaying homes and make a sound. ''We were scared because it was unusual. Moreover, there are voices that emerged from the tower due to wind,''said a resident. (Van / avi)

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