Thursday, March 17, 2011

How To Soften Dansko Clogs

How to find blogs or websites price trick

1.Masuk to http: / /
2.Lalu enter the address you want to check prices / valuenya (example:
3.Click button beside the value above and wait a while until loading is complete halamanya
4.Setelah loading is complete you will find a page like the following view

page contains several columns which are:
1.Nilai site: Interpretation of the price or address valau blog / website that you check before
2.Tilik Daily Page: The average number of pages viewed by visitors every day
3.Pengunjung Daily: The average number of visitors (unique IP address)
4.Peringkat Around the World: Ranking Websites / Blogs from around the World
5.Indonesia Rating: Rated Website / blogs from Indonesia alone
6.Jenis web site: type of address (websites, blogs, etc.)
7.PageRank: Pagerank of the website / blog that you check
8.Jumlah page: Number of pages in the Websites / Blogs that you check the external 9.Tautan
: The number of links that go to the website / blog that you check (backlinks)
you can also display the price / value on your website / blog you by way of copying the html code in section "Show pictures of your website" and put the code page of the website / blog you


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