Thursday, March 17, 2011

Was Bedeutet U3 In Test Daf

Adding flash capacity of 1 GB 2 GB

size = 'small'; We have the size or capacity flash is already big. Most people use 2 gb flasdisk flasdisk 1 gb or more, while not meaningless when considered with the help of software we can alter or add to the capacity of 1gb flash can be 2gb. This software, not Software to format flash disk but flasdisk add capacity. What is just writing on flash are so 2 GB but still 1 GB capacity. please try it . Flash disk that originally 1 GB upgraded to 2 GB with simple easy way and simple

So if you have a flash disk 1 gb not quickly disposed of using this software and download software enhancer capacity of this flash disk free.

  1. Previously you Flashdrive into FAT format. Be careful not to wrong.
  2. Then download this software
  3. Select a location flash drive.
  4. click Fix - OK - OK - OK
  5. After Unplug the flash and insert it again.
  6. trenggggg ..
Flashdisk Well that was only 1 gb now its capacity to 2-fold (2gb) just easy and simple manner.


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