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Prompts More Early Wake

Ethics in the Prophet's Mosque

we recommend earlier and more quickly went to the mosque. Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet said: 'If people know that there is merit in the call to prayer and the first rows, then they can not get it other than by way of raffle, lottery, they would follow it. "

'And if they know that there is merit in an early arrival, they will race the race to come early to get there. "

'And if they know that there is merit in the Isha prayers and Fajr Prayer [the mosque], they will come to the mosque even by crawling' [Al-Bukhari, no 615]

hadeeth that clearly shows the primacy of people who would come first to the mosque. Messenger convey the reward of those who want to come early. So great that people will scramble to get the first rows, so that the draw was held. Really strong and great reward.

Not in Front of People Through Prayer

No passes in front of people who were praying, and praying disunnatkan for people who put a limit on the front. Messenger of Allah said: "Had that pass by in front of people who are praying that know the sins of his actions, he would stand up from a distance of forty it is better for him than to pass before him." (Muttafaq alaih). (*)

After Eating Meat, Is Sunnah Ablution?
QUESTION: After eating meat (sheep / cow / camel) whether voluntary or compulsory legal to do it again?
Tutut, Malang

ANSWER: They said there are some places / conditions disunnahkan to perform ablution, among others:

1. Ablution for every prayer (though not yet berhadats) it is based on the words of the Prophet Muhammad: "Even if not going to incriminate my Ummah, I would instruct them to do it every time you perform the prayers, and I ordered also to bersiwak (brushing teeth) whenever ablution" ( HR Ahmad from Abu Hurairoh, Nailul Author 1 / 210)

2. Purification ritual when going to sleep, based on those words of the Prophet Muhammad on the Bara 'bin' Azib: "When you come to your bed, you should perform ablution as ablution for prayer, then lie down you to the right, then berdo'alah:" Inni Allohumma Aslamtu Nafsii Ilaika, Wa Wajjahtu Wajhi Ilaika, Fawwadhtu Amrii Ilaika Wa, Wa Alja'tu Dzhohrii Ilaika, Wa Laa Laa Malja'a Manjaa Minka ilaa Ilaika, Aamantu bikitaabikalladzii Anzalta Binabiyyikalladzii Arsalta Wa. " (Reported by Bukhari, at-Tirmidzy and Ahmad)

3. Before bathing junub, or berjunub people who want to eat, drink, sleep or when they want to repeat berjima '. Aisha RA said: "When the Prophet SAW was junub and intend to eat or sleep, he made ablution before "(Muslim and Ahmad). Abu Sa'eed al-Khudry said: "When any one of you is complete intercourse with his wife and intends to repeat it, let him perform ablution" (HR Bukhari except Jama'ah)

4. Ablution when will read the Koran, read the hadith of the Prophet SAW.

5. Ablution when finished angry, because it was narrated by Imam Ahmad that the ablution to extinguish the flames of anger someone.

6. Ablution after bathing the deceased or lug it, because there are words of the Prophet Muhammad which states: "Any person who bathe the deceased, let him take a bath, and whoever carried him let him perform ablution" (HR Abu Daud, Ibn Majah and Ibn Hibbaan; hasan hadeeth).

7. Jumhur scholars have argued that people who eat camel meat or eat food that is burned, disunnahkan for ablution. Jabir RA said: "The most recent lawsuit between two things (whether or not mandatory ablution) of the Prophet Muhammad left the obligation ablution after eating food that is burned." (Reported by Abu Dawud, at-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah). Wallahua'lam bishshowab. (Syariah_online)

Revealing History of the Prophet Muhammad (2)

Physical Characteristics
Prophet Muhammad Aisha and Ali ibn Abi Talib has been detailing the physical characteristics and appearance of the Prophet Muhammad SAW daily. Among them, is a curly hair color little red, decomposed to the shoulder. The skin is reddish-white, round face with a pair of likely black eyes and long eyelashes. Not a mustache and beard during sekepalan hands. Bone

large head and broad shoulders. Her body is not too high nor too short, stocky berpostur very beautiful and fitting among his people. Fine body hairs extending from the navel to the chest. Fingers and feet, thick and elongated tapering.

When walking fast and not likely to ever put the palms of his feet, he walked quickly and surely. When turned, it menolehkan face and body simultaneously. In between his shoulders there is a prophetic sign, and indeed he is closing the prophets. He was the most generous, most tolerant, most honest words, most responsible and her social best. Anyone who interact with him surely will love it.

Every person who met the Prophet Muhammad would have said, "I've never seen anyone like him, both before and after."
That's Prophet Muhammad in the eyes of the audience, because he have a certain character as depicted very noble Qur'an, "And lo! you are truly a great virtuous character. "(Al-Pen: 4).

In the hadith narrated by Bukhari, Muhammad is described as being white and black beard with gray hair. In one hadith explained the physical pattern of the Prophet, namely: Anas bin Malik (ra) narrated: The Messenger. medium bodied, brightly patterned skin, not white nor black but true. He can say straight hair and a bit choppy. Allah Almighty raised him as a prophet at the age of forty years. After that he lived in Makkah for thirteen years. Then in Medina for ten years. God called him to appear before him at the age of sixty-three years. At that new little white hair growing in his hair and beard.

Hind bin Abi Halah (ra) was told by Hasan bin Ali (ra) as follows: The Prophet (peace be upon him) has a personal character and are very great in the eyes of the beholders. His face glow as bright as full moon. He was slightly higher than our average, but shorter than a tall person. His head is bigger than average, and his hair slightly curly (wavy).
If you can dikuakan (split), then he was roaring, If you can not then he let it go. When his hair rather long, will reach the ear of his ear. Brightly colored his skin and his wide forehead. His eyebrows arched and thick black. dianta eyebrows visible veins that throb when he is emotional or passionate. His nose slightly arched and glossy when exposed to light and looked rather striking when we first saw it, but not so real. He

thin beard, but full flat to the cheeks. His mouth was, he was brilliant white teeth and somewhat tenuous. His shoulders nice and solid mounted, as in the cast with silver. Other members of his body completely normal and proportionate. Balanced his chest and waist size.

area around his shoulder blades wide enough, and installed properly. His body parts are not covered even look clean and bright. Unless the fine hairs that grow from the chest and grow up to the navel. Upper arm and his hairy chest. His wrist long enough, he was rather wide palms and soles of both his hands and feet contain solid, fingers and his feet pretty slim. Soles of his feet enough and upper curve smooth and clean-cut, so while he was cleaning it, then the water will slide down quickly.

If he runs, he moved to the position of the body leaning slightly forward, but he moved gracefully. Step length and fast and he looks like a down (jump) from a height. If he was dealing with someone, then she looked at him attentively. His view has always been subdued under the terms of (the Qur'an), and more often to look down from above. He never stares at someone, his eyes are always cool. He is always running a bit behind, especially when traveling jauhdan he always greets people ahead met on the road.

Jabir bin Samurah (ra) narrates: Rasulullah (SAW) has a rather wide mouth, the eyes he looks too red stripes. And his slender heel.
Jabir (ra) also narrated: I have a chance to see the Prophet (SAW) in the moonlight, san (I) also noticed the moon was, for me he is more beautiful than the moon.

Jabir bin Abdullah (ra) narrated, Prophet (SAW) once said: I witnessed the scene (spiritual) of prophets. Among them, Moses (as). He (Moses), slender-boned like the people of the tribe Shannah; and I saw Isa ibn Maryam (as) that are similar from the people I have ever see, namely Urwah bin Mas'ud (ra) and I saw Ibrahim (AS), he is very similar to this friend (meaning his own self), I also saw the angel Gabriel that are similar to Dehya Kalbi "
Said al Jahiri (ra) narrated: I heard Abu Taufik (ra) said: "Right now there is no longer living (still living) that never saw the Messenger of Allah himself, except me." So I (Said ra) said to her: "Describe to me." He replied , "The Prophet (peace be upon him) had his face very bright and very good stature. (Continued)

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