Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How To Stop Sandals Noise

Double Denim

newest posts accusing you in a fairly rapid pace, but what wonder - what a man does so, he should not teach;) This time I have to show a completely jeans outfit - I fell for it, seeing by some combination of jeans bloggerki the lookbooku and although initially I was not convinced of this, I found that if you will choose the right color jeans, it looks very nice. I have more ideas up his sleeve, but to realize one of them I have to wait a moment. I hope it will be worth it:)

Wearing: vintage shorts & jacket & belt, Asos wedges, Cubus T-shirt, DYI headband, Orsay ring, mum's brancelet

I've posted lot of looks during last few days but you shouldn't be surprised - what wouldn't a person do not to study? ;) I show you denim look today - the idea crossed my mind when I was looking at some outfit on lookbook but I wasn't very convinced in the beggining. Now I think that if you choose appropiate colours of denim everything will look fine. What's more, it's very comfortable.

Stylio : klik
Nosimy : klik

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How Uninstall Premiere Pro 1.5

Back to Hippies

Wearing: dress / dress Jonathan Martin, wedges / wedges Stylowebutki . com , headband / headband H & M handbag / bag sh

Phew ... It's almost after Christmas, and counting on the fact that the powygrzewam the sun (and everything you wished for facebook), but what can wykrakałam - and today the weather completely was broken. Fortunately, the idea of \u200b\u200bmaking pictures of this strange, hippie outfit I fell a bit yesterday and I managed to persuade his sister to minisesję. Usually do not wear that, but I decided to go crazy and use the dress we have, which for many years hung in the closet unused. It is also an opportunity to present my new dumplings, which was mentioned two posts earlier. How do you like it?

Well, holidays are almost over and I was looking forward to feeling some sun on my skin (that was always my greetings to you on facebook ) but the weather crushed. Fortunately the idea of taking photos crossed my mind yesterday when sun was shining. It is also an occasion to show you my new wedges which I wrote about two posts earlier. :) What do you think about this hippie-style outfit?

Friday, April 22, 2011

What Do All The Different Shag Bands Mean

Why Not Adding Red

Wearing: H&M jacket, necklace and hat, Zara pants, Asos wedges, Oriflame wallet, Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses

I had to present a new hoof, but unfortunately it still was not warm enough in the late afternoon to run in them:) But I show my new prey - trousers from Zara, absolutely perfect, elegant, but also on a daily basis, in a beautiful color. Miniżakiet was a real bargain - overpriced from 300 to 30 zł (if you believe przecenom course);)

I was supposed to show you my new wedges but unfortunately it was not warm enough for me to wear them:) Instead Of That here it is - my new Zara pants, abolutely perfect, elegant but casual too, in a beautiful color. The jacket was a real bargain - bought for 30 € (about $ 10);) Enjoy!

Stylio.pl : cliques, Nosimy.pl: click

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How Beat Electric Box Level 31

How to submit blog in technorati technorati account settings

Q9PSS87EF5F8 How to Submit to technorati.com follows:
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Technorati Parties will offer several ways to claim the blog depending on the platform on a blog that claim. If the platform used is the Technorati Blogspot will offer three ways:
Quick Claim, Post Claim and Claim embedded.
To WordPress Technorati will offer 3 kinds of ways:
OpenID, Quick Claim and Post Claim.
Men How to Submit to Technorati with the way OpenID
Remember this special for WordPress users. To claim with OpenID, open a new window or new tab in your browser, log into our WordPress blog, then returned to the screen and click on Use Technorati Claim OpenID. Then
WordPress parties will ask for confirmation that we agree to give confidence on the part of Technorati.
- Yes, just this time
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Men How to Submit to Technorati Quick Claim Way
This method can be used either using Blogspot and WordPress, I can say the easiest way. We choose the user name and password to log into our blog. But I personally do not like this way, because of the delivery of your Username and Password which is feared to slip into another place.
Men How to Submit to Technorati Post Claim Way
This method can also be to Blogspot or WordPress, here's how to do it.
1) Click on the link on the screen Use Post Claim Technorati, Technorati will display a screen that explains how to claim with Claim post. Copy the code given by Technorati.
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Men How to Submit to Technorati with embedded mode
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Wordings For A Birthday Invite Turning 25


ngak wah .. long time ne blog posts ..
kemaren2 naikin busy blog traffic along inspiration to all .
to chance this time trying to discuss about how where setting account and submit your blog at technorati.

Settings Tab This tab allows you to change porfile, here we can change the password, email address and name

Bio Tab
This tab serves to enter a biography about our organization and where we are
Tab Photo
To enter the photo should be the size Minimum size: 128x128 and the image that is supported only in the Formats: jpg, gif, png

Tab Blog
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Extras tab
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mengijikan buzz was a way to list on the first technorati.sekian .. yes .. hopefully useful greetings success for all.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

13months Baby Schedule

Wedges On Way Number 2

My new wedges have me go! I hope that I found the size, because a very long time collecting in itself, so that at all for either decide. But I'm good thoughts and if all goes well, will soon see me in other boots than wedges with Asosa;)
EDIT: These came ! The size is perfect, but I need to learn to walk in them - what else built, stable shoe on koturnie and another sandal. It is getting warmer, so ... Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Makes A Cervix Hard

Cracow Fashion Awards 2011 Photo

I can not believe that I was not on Cracow Fashion Awards. Not because I am a great lover of fashion shows (though certainly it can be inspiring), but because they were held in the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, which literally can see from the window. March 27 young designers School of Art and Fashion Design had the opportunity to present their collections designed by - some of them are not only original, but in practice, which rarely happens in the fashion world, or at least it shows.

Jury: George Antkowiak, Ilona Chancellor, Ewa Minge, Monika Onoszko, Joanna Błażejowska, Christophe Gaillet - famous wizard hairstyles, Dorota Wroblewska, and Carol chose a collection of Luke Soltan Stachowicz as the best (it also can find a whole page). Similarly, the Media Council has decided. Awards received collections Monica Szumiński-Nemeth, Gronicki Carolina, Haby Monica, Anna and Agnieszka Kowalska Kapicy.

I got e-mails with a few photos from the show, and on the page (click ) can be found. Unfortunately I can not move images from a collection of some really enchanted me. So here are some pictures that I received and I leave you with a question - which creative performs best according to you? (After opening photos in a new window in the title will find the author of creation. I did not want to sign, so in my images look better;))

In my collection of best falls Monica Haby and Erik Ulman, and Marty Ekiert - at this point, I refer to the SAPU.

Are Chesters Hot Fries Bad For You


Huge selection of materials available on the market offers unlimited creative possibilities. The fence to which we turn more and more attention can blend in with the surroundings, or contrast with it, play a protective role or visual or both.

wooden fence, or metal?

mesh woven or welded?

Fill vinyl and aluminum can?

Concrete or gabions?

fence on the foundation or not?



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cra Contract And Permenent

News: DayBest the Stylio.pl + FB Fanpage

As the weather is not nice, no ideas, I decided to at least to announce a few things.
first Put on fanpage'a (not like that name, but hey) on Facebook for those who do not have an account on Blogger, but want to keep up with what is happening with me. I made him also there to separate the facebookowe arguments about studies and other very trivial things from blogging, which after all is interested niekażdy.

second Yesterday my outfit was chosen for yesterday's DayBest the Stylio.pl ! I am very happy because it's the first such award. Below you throw a screen message, and the same outfit you once again see and evaluate HERE.

third Bonus photo from Krystian - I invite you to take the Lookbook and blog, with a potential boyfriend:)


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Generic Vehicle Bill Of Sale Manitoba

Urban Floral / 20% off on Tobi.com!

Here is a news item, about which I wrote recently - the strangest pants, that I have purchased for pennies on secondhandzie;) This fluffy sweater - one of my favorite recent purchases secondhandowych. Sunglasses steal my mom - my lost knows where, but I do not look too bad.

Attention! As you can see on the right you will find a new banner - it comes from an online store Tobi.com , where, using obvious code there, get a 20% discount on the full range of products:) The prices are pretty horrendous - but you'll find many interesting things from famous designers and Converse.

/ This is the new thing I wrote about recently - the weirdest pants I have in my wardrobe. I bought them in seconhand. The sweater is also from seconhand and it is one of my favourite recent buyings. Sunglasses were "stolen" from my mum because mine just dissapeared. I hope they don't look bad!

Check out! On right side of my blog you can find a Tobi.com bagde. Use my code and get 20 % off! You can find there thing from designers, but also, for example, Converse shoes. /

With my friend - Chris ( click ).