Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordings For A Birthday Invite Turning 25


ngak wah .. long time ne blog posts ..
kemaren2 naikin busy blog traffic along inspiration to all .
to chance this time trying to discuss about how where setting account and submit your blog at technorati.

Settings Tab This tab allows you to change porfile, here we can change the password, email address and name

Bio Tab
This tab serves to enter a biography about our organization and where we are
Tab Photo
To enter the photo should be the size Minimum size: 128x128 and the image that is supported only in the Formats: jpg, gif, png

Tab Blog
We can manage a blog that wants our input or display the list

Extras tab
Here we can do the buzz of the monitor, there are 2 options to choose from:
yes = if we allow tectnorati to monitor buzz on techtnorati
no = if we do not monitor
mengijikan buzz was a way to list on the first technorati.sekian .. yes .. hopefully useful greetings success for all.


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