Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Makes A Cervix Hard

Cracow Fashion Awards 2011 Photo

I can not believe that I was not on Cracow Fashion Awards. Not because I am a great lover of fashion shows (though certainly it can be inspiring), but because they were held in the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, which literally can see from the window. March 27 young designers School of Art and Fashion Design had the opportunity to present their collections designed by - some of them are not only original, but in practice, which rarely happens in the fashion world, or at least it shows.

Jury: George Antkowiak, Ilona Chancellor, Ewa Minge, Monika Onoszko, Joanna Błażejowska, Christophe Gaillet - famous wizard hairstyles, Dorota Wroblewska, and Carol chose a collection of Luke Soltan Stachowicz as the best (it also can find a whole page). Similarly, the Media Council has decided. Awards received collections Monica Szumiński-Nemeth, Gronicki Carolina, Haby Monica, Anna and Agnieszka Kowalska Kapicy.

I got e-mails with a few photos from the show, and on the page (click ) can be found. Unfortunately I can not move images from a collection of some really enchanted me. So here are some pictures that I received and I leave you with a question - which creative performs best according to you? (After opening photos in a new window in the title will find the author of creation. I did not want to sign, so in my images look better;))

In my collection of best falls Monica Haby and Erik Ulman, and Marty Ekiert - at this point, I refer to the SAPU.


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