Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cra Contract And Permenent

News: DayBest the Stylio.pl + FB Fanpage

As the weather is not nice, no ideas, I decided to at least to announce a few things.
first Put on fanpage'a (not like that name, but hey) on Facebook for those who do not have an account on Blogger, but want to keep up with what is happening with me. I made him also there to separate the facebookowe arguments about studies and other very trivial things from blogging, which after all is interested niekażdy.

second Yesterday my outfit was chosen for yesterday's DayBest the Stylio.pl ! I am very happy because it's the first such award. Below you throw a screen message, and the same outfit you once again see and evaluate HERE.

third Bonus photo from Krystian - I invite you to take the Lookbook and blog, with a potential boyfriend:)



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