Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How To Stop Sandals Noise

Double Denim

newest posts accusing you in a fairly rapid pace, but what wonder - what a man does so, he should not teach;) This time I have to show a completely jeans outfit - I fell for it, seeing by some combination of jeans bloggerki the lookbooku and although initially I was not convinced of this, I found that if you will choose the right color jeans, it looks very nice. I have more ideas up his sleeve, but to realize one of them I have to wait a moment. I hope it will be worth it:)

Wearing: vintage shorts & jacket & belt, Asos wedges, Cubus T-shirt, DYI headband, Orsay ring, mum's brancelet

I've posted lot of looks during last few days but you shouldn't be surprised - what wouldn't a person do not to study? ;) I show you denim look today - the idea crossed my mind when I was looking at some outfit on lookbook but I wasn't very convinced in the beggining. Now I think that if you choose appropiate colours of denim everything will look fine. What's more, it's very comfortable.

Stylio : klik
Nosimy : klik


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