Friday, April 22, 2011

What Do All The Different Shag Bands Mean

Why Not Adding Red

Wearing: H&M jacket, necklace and hat, Zara pants, Asos wedges, Oriflame wallet, Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses

I had to present a new hoof, but unfortunately it still was not warm enough in the late afternoon to run in them:) But I show my new prey - trousers from Zara, absolutely perfect, elegant, but also on a daily basis, in a beautiful color. Miniżakiet was a real bargain - overpriced from 300 to 30 zł (if you believe przecenom course);)

I was supposed to show you my new wedges but unfortunately it was not warm enough for me to wear them:) Instead Of That here it is - my new Zara pants, abolutely perfect, elegant but casual too, in a beautiful color. The jacket was a real bargain - bought for 30 € (about $ 10);) Enjoy! : cliques, click


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