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How to submit blog in technorati technorati account settings

Q9PSS87EF5F8 How to Submit to follows:
- Once registered, then login to Technorati, then click on the username was naturally arises in the upper right corner with atas.Atau could also open the url: http://technorati. com / accounts / . Then Then scroll down, locate and enter the URL of the blog in part: Start a blog claim: . Next follow these steps to technorati submit like the ones in this posting.
Technorati Parties will offer several ways to claim the blog depending on the platform on a blog that claim. If the platform used is the Technorati Blogspot will offer three ways:
Quick Claim, Post Claim and Claim embedded.
To WordPress Technorati will offer 3 kinds of ways:
OpenID, Quick Claim and Post Claim.
Men How to Submit to Technorati with the way OpenID
Remember this special for WordPress users. To claim with OpenID, open a new window or new tab in your browser, log into our WordPress blog, then returned to the screen and click on Use Technorati Claim OpenID. Then
WordPress parties will ask for confirmation that we agree to give confidence on the part of Technorati.
- Yes, just this time
- Yes; always to continue,
and we have successfully completed claim our blog addresses.
Men How to Submit to Technorati Quick Claim Way
This method can be used either using Blogspot and WordPress, I can say the easiest way. We choose the user name and password to log into our blog. But I personally do not like this way, because of the delivery of your Username and Password which is feared to slip into another place.
Men How to Submit to Technorati Post Claim Way
This method can also be to Blogspot or WordPress, here's how to do it.
1) Click on the link on the screen Use Post Claim Technorati, Technorati will display a screen that explains how to claim with Claim post. Copy the code given by Technorati.
2) Log into our blog, create a new post, Take ospi HTML editor on the article page and paste the code you copied from Technorati in akhri article on Blogspot, the title of his post can be anything, and then click the Publish button to the onlinekan.
3) Click the Release button on the screen Spider Technorati, Technorati will release the spider bot that will visit the new article made earlier.
Men How to Submit to Technorati with embedded mode
Claim This method can only be used by those who use the Blogspot platform. Embedded Claim claim in a way that is placing the code provided on the template Tecnorati using Page Element to Gadget.
How to do the following:
1) on the blog entry to display the Template> Page Element,
2) and click on Add a Page Element, select HTML / Java script
3) paste the code provided by Technorati in the element box HTML / Java scipt. 4) click SAVE CHANGER the page element box.
5) click on the button Release the Spiders! on Technorati.
6) is complete.
After a successful claim of blogs, Technorati is asking us to give information about the blog, that is by editing the blog settings. What we edit is in part:
Description - namely a brief description of the blog, create descriptions that can describe the contents of the blog for people interested in visiting.
Language - the main language used in article on the blog.
Tags - these tags with your keywords, enter all the major keywords of our blog.


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