Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Big Comeback Of Mid-length Skirts!

Hi everyone! Present your styling of today, heavily inspired by the craze for the average length skirts - although in principle I do not follow trends, I must admit that I passed an extremely long skirt and theme marvel outfitami to their use:) My dark green skirt belonged to my grandmother, probably, but I'm not sure - in any case, the prey, which is showing its age;) In this type of sweater that you see in the picture, hunted for some time and I managed to find a secondhandzie for some 6 zł. Wedges the same as usual, but the next I would have to wait until the uzganiam something;)
apologize for the quality of photos, but the sun was setting slowly and I was hurrying.

Hello everyone! I'd like to show you my outfit today Which was strongly inspired by recent trend - mid-lenght skirts. However I usually don't follow fashion I have to admit that this trend is one of my favourite. I fall in love with outfits in which these skirts are used. Mine probably belonged to my grandma but I'm not sure - nevertheless it's old ;) I was looking for this kind of sweater for a long time and I managed to find one recently in one of seconhands. Wedges are still the same but it'll take some time till I earn money for another pair. ;)
Sorry for the quality of photos but I was in hurry!


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