Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Does An Hiv Skin Rash Look Like

Casual Leather & Leather Look Small

I did not have time to write any post so supplements the gaps;) Look as you can see quite ordinary, except backpacks, wygrzebanym deep in the cabinet, which gave me many years ago as a gift for something. Besides immortal jacket beloved (only because, heh) wedges and lifted the tube, but probably the only one that really can be called skinny pants as opposed to what the producers call the skinny and what is in the shops under the same name. I love their style, fit, snap closure at the ankles. Unfortunately, since I bought them I could not find another as good behind the trousers, but do not give up - after all, they are already very shabby;) blouse is really nicely decorated, but the pictures of this model is not very visible. You can be assured that I will show her again in another incarnation:) But I'm waiting for warmer weather I have prepared something special and - like me - an innovative. In addition, of course koturnami, which are an integral part of good outifut now, but I'm working on next!

I did not have time to write a post so I'd make it up to you now. As you can see my outfit there is pretty casual An except of the bag That I found in my wardrobe. It was a gift That I got many year ago - I did not even remember what was the reason;) You can also see my immortal leather jacket and my favorite (Because the only ones heh) wedges. That and trousers are really skinny. Not skinny as some Producers say about Their products but skinny as skinny jeans Should Be! The blouse is very pretty so I promise that I'll show it sometime in the future :)
Take care and be prepared for sth new - for me sth odd. But you'll see!

jacket / jacket - vintage
trousers / pants - Bershka
shirt / blouse - mum's
shawl / scarf - vintage (got from great-grandma)
wedges / wedges - Asos.com
jewelry / jewelery - gifts
backpack / bag - gift


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