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Celebrates Birthday of Prophet SAW prayed Hasanah

Indeed the Prophet Muhammad had never done her birthday commemoration ceremony. We have never come across a hadith / nash who testified that on each of 12 Rabi al-Awwal (some historians say 9 Rabi al-Awwal), the Prophet Muhammad held a memorial service the day of his birth. Even when he is dead, we have never found the companions may Allah be pleased to do it. Nor do the ins and tabi tabi `tabi` in `it.

According to Imam As-Suyuti, recorded as the first king who commemorate the birthday of the Prophet was with extraordinary festive celebrations is the King of Al-Mudhaffar Abu Sa `id ibn Kukburi Zainuddin Ali bin Baktakin (l.549 H. - w.630 H.). No less than 300,000 dinars remove him sincerely for charity on the anniversary of this Mawlid. The point raise morale by reading syi'ir and literary works that tell the story of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

Among the most famous works are the works of Sheikh Al-litany that displays the history of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in the form natsar (prose) and nazham (poetry). Because of the popularity, so that this litany of art to this day still we often hear recited in the Prophet's birthday anniversary ceremonies.

And since it is tradition to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in many Islamic countries. Core of the show is actually more to the reading of poems and syi `ir events to turn the birth of Prophet Muhammad morale and unity Muslims in the face of the enemy onslaught. Then form the show's growing and varied.

In Indonesia, especially in the pesantren, the kiai used to only read syi'ir and it poems, without filled with lectures. But then there came the idea to exploit the momentum of the tradition of the Prophet's birthday which is inherent in this society as a medium for preaching and teaching of Islam. Finally lecture birthday became one of the core events that must exist, as well as the attraction of boarding pupils. Even some Muslim organizations have tried to use the momentum is not limited to ceremonial and haflah merely, but also to do good deeds, such as social service, compensation to the poor, an exhibition of Islamic products, and other activities more touches problems of society. Overall

salaf scholars regard this act, including bid `ah. Since we never ordered by the Messenger of Allah and never exemplified by the Companions, such as the celebration but including heresy hasanah (something good). As the Prophet Muhammad and reception celebrating the birth of revelation by way to fast every day of his birth, which is loyal to the Prophet fasted on Monday to be grateful for the birth and early acceptance of revelation. "Of the Abi al-Anshori RA Qotadah real Prophet Muhammad was asked about fasting on Monday. Prophet Muhammad said: On that day I was born and the revelation sent down to me. "(Muslim).
We are encouraged to rejoice at the mercy and the gift of Allah to us. Including the birth of Prophet Muhammad who brought mercy to the universe. Allah says: "Say: 'With the bounty of Allah and His mercy, let them rejoice. Kurnia God and His mercy is better than what they collect. " "(QS.Yunus: 58).

There is a hadith narrated by Al-Bukhari. This hadeeth was explained that on every Monday, Abu Lahab lightened siksanya in Hell compared to other days. That's because that when the Holy Prophet was born, he was very pleased to welcome its birth to the point that he felt the need to liberate (emancipate) slave named Tsuwaibatuh Al-Aslamiyah.

If Abu Lahab, the non-Muslims and the Qur'an clearly mencelanya, siksanya mitigated because the expression of joy the birth of Prophet Muhammad, then what about those who are Muslims are happy with the birth of Prophet Muhammad? (HM Cholil Nafis MA, Vice Chairman of the Board Bahtsul Masa'il)

Organized Come Over Early
Mosque of the Prophet recommends us earlier and more quickly went to the mosque. Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet said: 'If the people know the rewards are there in the first adhan and the shaft, then they can not get it other than by way of voting, they will follow the votes. "

'And if they know the reward available on the early arrival, they will race the race came early to get there. "

'And if they know that there is merit in the Isha prayers and Fajr Prayer [the mosque], they will come to the mosque even by crawling' [al-Bukhari, no 615]

hadeeth that clearly shows the primacy of people who want to come over first to the mosque. Messenger convey the reward of those who want to come early. So great that people will scramble to get the first rows, so that the draw was held. Really strong and great reward.

Not in Front of People Through Prayer
No passes in front of people who were praying, and disunnatkan for people who pray to put limits on the front. Messenger of Allah said: "Had that pass by in front of people who are praying that know the sins of his actions, he would stand up from a distance of forty it is better for him than to pass before him." (Muttafaq alaih). (*)

Revealing History of the Prophet Muhammad SAW (1) Teen Age
Commerce Business Learning PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAW bin 'Abdullah was the bearer of Islamic teachings and believed by Muslims as a prophet of God (Apostles), the last. According to traditional Muslim biographies (called sirah in Arabic). Prophet Muhammad was born estimated at around 20 April 570 / 571, in Mecca and died on June 8, 632 in Medina. Both cities are located in the Hejaz (Saudi Arabia today). Michael H.

Hart, in his book The 100, set the Prophet Muhammad as the most influential figures in human history. According to Hart, the Prophet Muhammad was the only person who managed to achieve remarkable success, both in terms of religious and worldly matters. He leads the nation that originally underdeveloped and fragmented, becoming the nation forward are even able to defeat the Roman army on the battlefield.

"Muhammad" in Arabic means "he who praised". Muslims believe that Islam brought by Prophet Muhammad is the refinement of the religions brought by previous prophets. They called him with title of Apostle Allāh, and add a sentence Shalallaahu 'alayhi wasallam, which means "May God give him happiness and safety"; often abbreviated as "SAS" or "SAW") after his name. In addition, the Qur'an in Surah As-Saff (Surah 61:6) mentions Muhammad as "Ahmad", which in Arabic also means "praiseworthy".

Genealogy prophet Muhammad from his parents returned to Kilab ibn Murrah ibn Ka'b bin Lu'ay bin Ghalib bin Fihr (Quraish) ibn Malik ibn an-Nadr (Qais) the son of Kinana son Khuzaimah bin Mudrikah (Amir) bin Elias bin Mudar ibn Nizar ibn Ma `ad son of Adnan. Adnan Where are the descendants of men into seven from Ismail bin Ibrahim, the offspring of Sam son of Noah. Muhammad was born on Monday, 12 Rabi 'Early in 571 BC (better known as the Year of the Elephant).

Birth of Prophet Muhammad
The authors sirah (biography) of Prophet Muhammad is generally agreed that he was born in the Year of the Elephant, the year 570 AD Muhammad was born in Makkah, in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula, a place that when it is the most backward regions in the world, far from the center of commerce, arts, and science. His father, Abdullah, died in the course of trade in Yathrib, when Muhammad was still in the womb. He left behind five camels, a flock of sheep and a slave woman named Umm Ayman who later parenting Prophet.

At the time of the Prophet Muhammad was six years old, his mother Aminah bint Wahab took him to Yathrib (Madinah) to visit his family and visited the tomb of his father. But on the way home, his mother fell ill. After several days, Aminah died in Abwa 'which is located not far from Yathrib, and buried there. After his mother died, Muhammad little guarded by his grandfather, 'Abd al-Muttalib. After his grandfather died, he was guarded by his uncle, Abu Talib. When he is asked to herding his goats in the vicinity of Makkah and often accompanied his uncle in their commercial affairs into the country Sham (Syria, Lebanon and Palestine).

Almost all hadith scholars and historians agree that the Prophet Muhammad Rabiulawal born in the month, although they are different opinions about the date. Among Shiites, according to the direction of the priest who is a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, stating that he was born on Friday, 17 Rabiulawal, while the Sunnis believe that he was born on Monday, 12 Rabiulawal.

When the Prophet Muhammad reached the age of adolescence and develop into an adult, he began studying martial arts and archery, as well by science to increase his skills in the trade. Trade became a common thing done and regarded as one of a stable income. Prophet Muhammad accompanied his uncle's trade to the North and as soon as possible about the honesty and trustworthy nature of the Prophet Muhammad in bringing trading business has expanded, making it credible as a selling agent intermediary merchandise Mecca residents.
Someone who has heard about the young man who was trusted with was a widow named Khadijah. He is someone who has a high status in the Arab tribes and Khadijah often send merchandise to every corner of the area in Arab lands. Reputation Muhammad fascinated so make Khadija asked him to bring in merchandise goods trade. Prophet Muhammad was promised by him will be paid twice and Khadijah was very impressed with the return of the Prophet Muhammad with a profit of more than usual.

Finally, the Prophet Muhammad had fallen in love with Khadija, then they married. At that time the Prophet Muhammad was 25 years old, while Khadijah approaching the age of 40 years, but he still has a captivating beauty. Differences in age and status is very much owned by the widow Khadija, not an obstacle for them, because at that time the Quraish tribe has more tradition and culture that emphasizes marriage with a girl rather than a widow. Despite their wealth increases, the Prophet Muhammad continue as people who have a simple lifestyle, he would prefer to distribute finances to things that are more important. (Continued)



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