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Plasa Dieng and Privileges Juma'ah

From Aus Radhiallahu 'anhu, he said, the Messenger of Allah, said: " best of your day is Friday: the day that Adam was created, on that day he diwafatkan, on that day the trumpet is blown, on that day man rose from the grave, then perbanyaklah blessings on me on that day, because you will be blessings to me, "The Companions asked:" O Messenger of Allah, how disclosed to you while you've ruined body (already fused with the land when it died ). He replied: "Verily Allah has forbidden the earth to eat (destroy) the bodies of Prophets." [HR, "al-Khamsah]

Friday is sayyidul Ayyam. This means that Friday has keistemewaan than other days. If the names the other day showed a sequence of numbers (on Sunday means the first day, itsnain or Monday was the second day, tsulatsa or Tuesday is the third day, arbi'a or Wednesday is the fourth day and khamis or Thursday is the fifth day), then Fri ' at is the sum of all of them.

According to some versions, said Friday jama'a taken from the word meaning to gather. That day encounter or meeting days of Adam and Eve in the Jabal Rahmah. Friday word can also be interpreted as a time of gathering of Muslims to carry out goodness-Friday-prayer. One proof

privilege is disyariatkannya Friday prayers Friday. Namely Dhuhr Salat in congregation on Friday. -Fri 'atan-. Even his bathroom Friday does contain a religious element, as is Sunnah.

In Al-Hawi al-Kabir's work Mawardi, Imam Shafi'i explains the Sunnah bath on Friday. Although the Friday prayers held on Dhuhr prayers, but bathing should be done since Friday morning, after dawn. One hadith explains that anyone who bath on Friday and listen to sermons on Friday, then God will forgive sins in between the two Friday.

Therefore, our good intentions always include every bath in Friday morning. Because it will give the value of worship in our bath. This is what distinguishes a shower in the morning Friday with the other bath-tub.

Juma'ah-Fri 'atan-weekly conference can be regarded as your' usbu'iy almonds-which have very high social value. Because Friday is the Muslims in one particular area reconcilable. They can see each other, bersilaturrahim, greet each, establish mutual familiarity. In the Juma village life can be used as a vehicle anjangsana. Those who stay in the western area can be met with a group of east and so forth.

Similarly, within the scope of urban, Juma was able to establish unity among employees. They are busy working every day on the sixth floor, to meet fellow employees that his days working on the third floor and so on. Togetherness and silaturrahim
is certainly difficult to occur if Juma be done alone, such as Ibn Hazm opinion, or simply by two people just like her qaul Nakho'i Imam, or Imam Hanafi opinion that allowed Juma with only the following three priests. Therefore according to Imam Shafi'i Juma can be considered valid if attended by forty men. In other words, the determination of forty men as a legitimate condition Friday prayers by Imam Shafi'i has outstanding benefits. This

prove how epistemogi Aswaja jama'ah-wal-Ahlussunnah practiced by Imam Shafi'i always put the interests together. Togetherness and unity in the mindset Aswaja-Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah is very important. Not only in the realm of political and doctrinal camps, but also in the context of worship. (Nu_online)

Ethics Welcoming Friday
1. Bath Bath Friday

on Friday is obligatory for every Muslim who baligh based on the hadeeth of Abu Sa'eed al Khudri, where the Prophet said, which means, "Bath on Friday is compulsory for every person who baligh." (HR . Bukhari and Muslim). Bathing is required for this Friday every Muslim man who has baligh, but not mandatory for children, women, the sick, and travelers. While time is before leaving Friday prayers. The procedure for this Friday bath shower jenabat as usual. Prophet said that means, "Whoever Friday like a shower bath jenabat." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

2. Clean and dress Wearing perfume
Messenger said, "Who bath on Friday, purification according to ability, smoothed her hair, put on perfume, then go to the mosque, and entered the mosque without stepping in between two people to pass through, and then pray according to guidance and be quiet when priests berkhutbah, would be forgiven his sins in between two Fridays. "[HR. Bukhari]

3. Halt Activities Marketplace and hasten to the mosque
Anas bin Malik said," We berpagi-morning to Friday prayers and take a nap after Friday prayers. "(HR . Bukhari). Al Hafidz Ibn Hajar said, "The meaning of this hadith is the friends begin Friday prayers at the beginning of time before they take a nap, in contrast to their habit of prayer Dhuhr when hot, actually the companions slept first, then pray when the sun has lower the heat. "(See Fath Bari II/388)

4. Salat Sunna Friday Prayers Before and After Abu Hurairah RA
said that Prophet Muhammad said," Whoever bath and then come to Friday prayers, then he prayed he could and he quietly listened to a sermon to finish, then pray with the priest his sins will be forgiven for starting this Friday until next Friday plus three days. "[HR. Muslims]

5. Read Surat Al-Kahf
Prophet said: which means, "Whoever reads surat Al Kahf on Friday, then God will be illuminated between the two Fridays."

6. Shalawat reproduce.
From Anas, the Prophet said: "multiply blessings on Friday and Friday night." [HR. Bayhaqi]. (* / Udi)

Four Questions on the Hereafter
Every Muslim must believe in the five pillars of faith, which believe in a final day or the Day of Judgement, where all the universe and its contents will be destroyed and all that is called human beings will perish, then people who are in the grave will be raised again in order to account for what was done during life in world.

On that day, useless possessions, children, not helpful what the proud over the world. On that day there was only a single ruler, that is God Almighty who has given various kinds of favors to men, then He instructed to use these favors as well as possible in order to serve Him.
We do not know our age until it reaches digit number and also we do not know when we will be called by him. Fortunately for for humans, who have prepared all this by carrying out the commandments of God and away from everything what became of his ban in the world. When the man had reached the desert mashyar would later form the 12 rows of the Prophet Muhammad with a variety of forms and shapes appropriate to do charitable deeds.

Once, Muaz bin Jabal r. a face Rasullullah sa w and asked:
"O Rasullullah, please describe to me about the word of God Almighty:
" At the time of the trumpet is blown, then you all come marching-line "- (Surah an-naba ': 18)

Hearing questions , the king cried to wet clothes. Then the king answered: "O Muaz, you had posed to me, a very big case, that my people will be herded, gathered rows to 12 rows, each with their own innate. And one by one we will answer the 4 (four) questions as the responsibility for life on earth "
In a hadith the Messenger of Allah said:" It is not to shift the second leg of a servant (to limit shiratul mustaqim) so he was asked about his age, for what he spent, science to resume practicing what he, his property from which he obtained from and where he spent, and his body to what he used. "(Reported by Tirmidhi and Ad-Darimi).

Age Age is something that is never separated from the human. When we talk about age, it means that we are talking about time. Allah in the Qur'an has vowed to time: "By the time", meaning more attention to human time. God-given time is 24 hours in a day-night. For what we use that time? Is it time to worship or to others, who in vain?

Science Studies that have been learned by Muslims should be used for the benefit of Islam. Studies that have been sued and must be studied diamalkan according to Islamic law. Science will not mean anything in life and human life except when people practice it. Sa w
Messenger said: "Beramallah you (with the knowledge that there is) because each person facilitated according to what God created it. "(Muslim).

3. Treasure
Every Muslim must be careful in looking for his livelihood for many people the urgency of economic problems and it has so no matter where the treasure is more than he gained. There is obtained a wealth of businesses that vanity, for example, unpaid debt, corruption, usury, robbery, gambling and so forth.
People who are looking for from the illicit business will get punishment from God, as spoken by the Messenger of Allah: "Those whose flesh grew from the illicit goods, then the hell is more worthy of him (as a place)." (Reported by al-Hakim).

4. Agency of Human
is the most perfect beings created by God on this earth. With the perfection of the composition of the body and mind of God-given intellect, humans serve as the caliph in the earth, man is burdened taklif for to carry out their functions properly. This human physical work required to perform the functions caliphate in order to serve God. Tired man in carrying out the worship of God will be rewarded with a reward.

But when tired in order to play, doing immoral, futile act, worship that is not exemplified by the Messenger of Allah, then tired in vain, even there will be rewarded with the fire of Hell, because they included people the wretched, as word of the Messenger of Allah: "Each charity (work) there were times the spirit and the spirit of each period there is the tired, tired tired because then whoever sunnahku perform, then he has received instructions, and he who is tired not because sunnahku perform, then he is among those should perish. "(Narrated by al-Hakim and al-Bayhaqi). (Mhd / Udi)

study of fiqh
Times Haram for Salat

QUESTION: When and how many hours that includes times when illegitimate for us to pray?

ANSWER: The time that is forbidden to pray there are five: (1) after the Dawn Prayer (Fajr) until the rising of the sun, (2) of the rising sun to rise as high as the spear, which is approximately 10 or fifteen minutes later, (3) when the sun was right at the peak (noon) until shifted to the west, (4) after Asr Salat until sunset, (5) when the sun set to disappear on the horizon and into the Maghrib.

Fifth time is then divided into two: there is a ban light (after Fajr and after Asr), while the rest is strictly prohibited. Even some scholars assert that the time after Fajr and after Asr is not forbidden, but in makruhkan. What really prohibited is when the sun rises to go up as high as the spear, when the sun was right at the top, and when the sun begins to set (from yellow) to disappear. However

barred done at that time not all the prayers. But according to scholars who are prohibited jumhur is sunnah prayers absolute (which for no reason). While the obligatory prayers and prayers for the obligatory prayers qadha still be done at that time. So should perform obligatory prayers or making up those against him at times that prohibited it.

later scholars disagree about the sunnah prayers which have a cause like Salat Sunna Mosque Tahiyyatul Thawaf and Salat. partly allowed, partly memakruhkan. And Allaah knows best-bish shawab. (Syariah_online)



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