Monday, March 21, 2011

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post by: tijan.

this time I will discuss about backlinks, why the backlinks, it is necessary ..
backlinks is very, very necessary for a website or blog, after google make improvements, it is helpful to increase backlinks pagerank website or blog .. by the number of backlinks on our blog then the more traffic on your website or blog sahabat.tapi now Recently many websites or blogs that arrogant with a blog entry, because they are already high pagerank so that they ignore the request pemula.padahal backlinks from newbie or in the presence of the blog entry they will be higher is its pagerank .. This example message
friends who refuse backlinks:
- sorry I do not receive backlinks anymore ...
despite his very valid url address listed backlinks to all ..
not so funny ya ..
but it's ok ... it is their right

kq ... hehehe .. Ok for my friends who want to exchange links with me .. please .. monggo banner my first pair, located on the top right of this blog .. and leave your message so that I can croscek to your blog ..
to time is quite old, sleepy dah gw .. hehehe.salam successful friend of all.
note: to view the backlinks you have installed on this blog, please see below post is in the content spoiler.BUKA Donk ..


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