Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Would A Platapus Make A Good Pet?

Cat Power / minipost Her Morning Elegance

Wearing: vintage blazer, sh sweater, Zara leggins, Asos wedges, vintage bag, H & M necklace

this kit is the biggest surprise for me sweatshirt, found in a closet at Grandma's - surprise, because I remember when my younger sister (and high school) wore it as a kid in elementary school ;) This Zara leggings with leather inserts, which unfortunately do not see here - but the pictures taken on quickly.

In this set the biggest surprise for me is blazer found in grandmother's closet - the surprise because I remember my sister (now in high school) wearing it as a child in primary school;). And new Zara Leggins with leather parts but they aren't shown there - photos were taken fast .


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