Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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Takmir Berobsesi Thousand Wake Tower Coming to the mosque

STONE-Stone Town's rapid development as a tourism city, inspiring Muslims in Lahor Road, Hamlet Village Macara Pesanggrahan to immediately enhance the presence of Masjid Al Mukhlisin. The oldest mosque built the first time in the subdistrict of Batu, would be enhanced by the construction of a thousand minarets.
Obsession is already disclosed yesterday takmir community leaders and local mosques to the mayor of Stone, Eddy Rumpoko, after prayers Friday in the mosque. Eddy
Rumpoko did yesterday intentionally walk from the town hall along with Secretary, Widodo for Friday prayers at the mosque. "We plan to build a thousand minarets of the mosque. Perhaps the mayor will donate a tower, so also Mr. Secretary and other officials. Construction, we will start with the tower of Mr. Wali, "said Ulul Azmi, one of the community leaders who joined the meeting with the mayor after prayers Friday.
mayor's presence, could make a surprise pilgrims because there are no prior notice. According to him, the construction of a thousand minarets is nothing extravagant, because it had long ripened takmir party with self-generated funds. "In the future it could also be a place of religious tourism, for tourists who come to the City of Stone," he added.
Eddy responded positively, the existence let alone its beautiful mosques, further strengthening the religious foundations of the younger generation, in addition to functioning as a center of worship. "To demand that, Insha Allah. Obviously being increasingly make this city more beautiful, "said Eddy Rumpoko.
Son Ebes Sugiyono (late), former mayor of Malang was hoping the community and religious leaders to help government in maintaining the identity of citizens, because this city has become an open city. Disclosure is not to undermine the identity of citizens, especially those related to negative things.
After the ceremony, the mayor also gave his advice to students MI Darul Ulum stones in the courtyard of the mosque. Building MI Darul Ulum is located one complex with the Masjid Al Mukhlisin. (AIM / lyo)



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