Thursday, October 8, 2009

How Do You Get Pokemon Yellow On Your Ipod


I think, the solution for The Trips Café is make a rule. The rule is, the customer must buy some food/some drink for Rp 50.000,00. Then, they get a voucher for use internet for 2 hours. Then, if they want to use the internet after 2 hours, they must buy some food/some drink for Rp 25.000,00. Then the customer get a voucher for 1 hour.

The second choice is, make the bigger room. So, they have a lot of place for customers who wants to spend their money to buy some drink.

And, maybe make a smooking room area. And, in that smooking room, maybe just have 3 little tables for use. It makes comfort for other customer if they’re not smoking.

The last choice is make variation menu. Maybe, this café shoud make some drink theres no alcohol for teenager, so they can buy something except beer.

Name : Irene Saskia

Class : 11-13C

NIM : 2007110028


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