Friday, October 2, 2009

Inside Story Kates Playground 2010

introduction to religion

Saskia Irene


MKT 11-2C

How do you think of pluralism?

I think pluralism is an understanding that recognize, appreciate and accept perbadaan with all its shortcomings and advantages.

I think pluralism is understood That teaches us to respect each other to avoid conflicts between individuals.

From 3 attitudes about harmony you are on the attitude which one? Explain why

In my opinion, when viewed from 3 attitude about my harmony is in the attitude of pluralism because I can accept, appreciate the existence of different religions and I also never thought my belief that most good. According to me every confidence the same goal but only have to pray a different way.

  • Mention constraints pluralism is happening in Indonesia?

Constraints of pluralism in Indonesia is Indonesian societies still fanatical and always thought of religion and belief in the most correct.

What do you think about pluralism when in associate with John 14:6?

John 14: 6

  • Words Jesus told him: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

relationship is, in fact all religions teach goodness that what executed by their respective adherents would eventually lead to the Father in heaven. But in a specifically Catholic doctrine explains that through Jesus we will go to the Father.

From 2 attitude you choose the passive tolerance of minimal or maximal active and explain why?

I chose the maximum tolerance / positive / active because I can help others to further develop into a better person and I also appreciate the differences that exist with my friends, especially in terms of trust.

tolerance while at the minimal / negative / passive I am just going to let someone else do the things they do. I think, if I choose a minimal tolerance then I would be a selfish person with no care for others.


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