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Book "KPK Hunter Corruptor: Gait eradication Commission suppress Corruption Corruption Within" Part 2


A. Warring Against Kouptor

Removing corruption that has been rooted in this nation is a very hard job. Mission realize Indonesia is free from corruption even digelorakan. Various efforts have been made leading to improvement.

Various cases of corruption one by one began to lift and successfully brought to the table law. Not a few criminals-criminals who have been successfully executed. This is definitely an achievement for the Commission, but disastrous for koruptornya.

One by one corruption cases successfully dikuak by KPK. Even more alarming is the law enforcement agencies should be clean of corruption that should favor the rakyatpun not escape from corruption.

task undertaken by the Commission take action that does not mean to give flexibility to the KPK to arrest any person or officer as such, but should stick to the rules of existing legislation.

B. Partnering with Community

KPK success in combating corruption can not be separated from the role of all parties, including the community as a supporter of the KPK. Because without the role of the KPK and community support can not be optimal bias in play roles and duties as anti-corruption agencies.

After successfully capturing criminals - corrupt big fish, the KPK still have homework that is no less important is the attitude of anti-corruption campaign to the public

C. Long Road by KPK

KPK need help and support of all parties to the process of combating corruption until the roots can run well.

We need to realize, no matter how good a performance of the Commission, if the system of government we have also shown improvement it was not possible corruption cases in Indonesia will be completed.

But after all remain in the hands of its people. And as long as people are still gripped the souls of corrupt then all would be in vain.


THOSE entangled KPK

A. The official who has been sentenced to

Some officials who have been convicted of corruption and sentenced:

Abdullah Puteh

Puteh into alleged corruption suspects in the case of purchase of 2 helicopters PLC Rostov types of Russian-made MI-2 worth USD 12.5 billion.

Mulyana W Kusuma

Mulyana caught red-handed by KPK officials when he was handed some money to Khairiansyah in room 609 Hotel Ibis Jakarta .

According to the judges, Mulyana proven legally and convincingly guilty of bribing members of the CPC, RP Khairiansyah 299.8 million. therefore, he be sentenced to imprisonment for 2 years, 7 months and a fine of Rp 50 million.

Rusandi Kantaprawira

Rusandi Kartaprawira is one of the KPU korupor in the body. He is considered to have made direct appointments or partner companies in the supply of ink Legislative Election 2004. he also considered himself has set the price estimate based on the average bid price so the price is higher.

In this case, Rusadi imposed 4 years imprisonment, a fine of Rp 200,000,000 and 2 months in prison.

FTK Hare

FTK Tjejep Hare Hare or convicted of acts of procurement corruption in the procurement of books and printed material for the benefit of the 2004 General Election. he was sentenced 6 year imprisonment, dendaRp 300.000.00 subsidiary 6 months, compensation of Rp 11,762,908,610.


breakthrough KPK

KPK increasingly popular and fragrant name. Under the leadership of Antasari Azhar who previously received less sympathetic reaction from a number of essay, in recent months, the agency was able to confirm its existence as the eradication of corruption in the country's number one. During 2008, no less 12 state officials who commit corruption has been detained by the KPK.

KPK During the first 5 years since 2003, accused of running the institution with superkewengan strategitebang select pemberantasankorupsi. The cause is not a single legislator touched. Now, the KPK to eradicate corruption indiscriminately.

breakthrough KPK appreciation of legal practitioners and human rights activists Hendardi. He described the appointment as chairman of KPK Antasari originally caused controversy. But Dalan 3 months Antasari succeeded in dismantling the corruption cases involving officials.

That said, the corrupt and corrupt candidates as possible to avoid the possibility of the KPK arrested. If caught by KPK, the tip is clear, they should be herded into the Corruption Court, and chances are very slim for refractive escape the law. This is different from regular ordinary courts. In ordinary courts is not something that rarely happens escaped corruption suspects.


Combating corruption is rooted very difficult. Required the cooperation of all parties to be able to eradicate corruption. KPK has already shown its existence as an institution of corruption eradication in combating corruption. This can be seen from the many officials who are caught for committing corruption.

KPK should also inculcate the spirit of anti-corruption community so that no more people who melakukakn corruption.


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