Thursday, October 8, 2009

Invite To A Bday Party Poem

Management Theory Paper Assignment 2

Music is Important

Every people likes music very much for them music is important. Music is important because by listening music we can losing our stress. When we have stress than we listening to the music we can feel relax and make us feel free. With music we can study another language, example when we listening English music, we also know about the word, the noun and the grammar so we can be better in English. when we are feel sad and happy, and we just listening to the music, it can cheering up our mood . The other reason is music can accompany us every time. When we wait for something or when we on the way to office or school and we listening music, it can make us not boring. Music can give us some inspiration, when we don’t have any inspiration, just use music then the inspiration will come. So, use music for your life


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