Thursday, October 8, 2009

Driving With Stockings On

Giordano Giordano Part 1 Part 2

2. STP


· Demographic

(age : 15 – 25 years old) ; (sex : female and male) ; (social class : B,C) ; ( education : senior high school, D1, D3, S1) ; (employment status : student, employee) ; (marital status : single, married) ; (income : Rp 2.000.000 – Rp 5.000.000) .

· Geo demographic: city and big city.

· Psychographic

(Lifestyle: café, shopping, gym, clubbing, hang out) ; (buying habits : a times in one or two months).

Targeting : Young people that like a casual style.

Positioning : Giordano is a brand which consider the quality as most priority and satisfaction of the consumer.

3. The strategic Giordano had learned the accomplishment with a success retailer in west area.. Then Giordano try to adapt the success way, there are : value pricing ( from Marks & Spencer), orderliness (from Wal - Mart), list of menu with controlled by (from McDonald’s), computerize (from The Limited)

4. 7 P’s

Product : Giordano now in growth stages. Because Giordano establish itself in the market and It acquires loyal users and builds market share.

Price : the price of product Giordano is used psychological pricing, because it takes advantage of the customer’s psychological to pay as little as possible. So many people interested to buy Giordano.

Place : Giordano used intensive because Giordano is an excellent product and Giordano can find in many place, example in a shopping centre in fully resident area.

Promotion : special promo such as, buy 2 get 3. Giordano make some special offer that can make people interested to buy. And Giordano make an advertisement in magazine.

Physical evidence : the store is set up clearly, hospitably staff of Giordano, the staff of Giordano always explain the things clearly and always said thank you to the costumer, and the costumer can return the damage product without any rules every time when the customer needs.

People : the staff of Giordano always explains the things clearly and always said thank you to the costumer, the cashier had been trained so the cashier can serve the customer fastly and not waste the time.

Process : it would be easy if buy something in Giordano. It doesn’t need a long procedure that can make the customer upset.

5. The competitor of Giordano is a retailer who has a expensive price like Hang Ten, Bossini and Baleno. Giordano parell with the stuff that have a standard quality and cheap product. Esprit is a brand that has value for money like Giordano. Gap is a brand that serve all of market segment, and Theme is a brand that sell a women dress with high quality and try to get a chance in casual dress. So, automatically GAP, Esprit and Theme become competitors of Giordano.

6. No, Giordano doesn’t need repositioning when they want to enter new market, because the positioning of Giordano can be used in every country. If casual, every country has a casual style. That Giordano needs is not repositioning but how to maintain that management, and work so that their products can acceptance by the customer in US or Canada .

7. Customer are interested with the stores that can make they enjoyed and feel comfort with hospitally staff; greetings are one of the way to make the customer feel comfort.

So, I think, that sentences (Giordano, good afternoon) is necessary because it can make the customer feel comfortable and being respected. And people around Giordano aware with Giordano that the stores has placed behind them, so they will interest to enter the store. And if customer satisfy with the services and feel comfort in store, the customer maybe will be a loyal customer. And people that aware with Giordano try to buy in Giordano, so Giordano make an increase in a number of customers then many people become a loyal customer.

8. Yes, the management needs to adapt their strategy, because every country that they want to enter has different culture, habits, and the management. So it can’t if we want to enter a new market, we still using a strategy that we use in the other country. Giordano must make a different strategy so Giordano not making a mistake when they enter a new market and the product can be popular in the market.

9. Recommendation for Giordano: Giordano still care about the services to the customer to make customer feel comfortable and satisfy when they shopping in Giordano. Then, Giordano should be up-date with the mode.. Giordano must keep up their quality so that the consumer always loyal with Giordano and not interested to buy the other product, but always Giordano. Giordano should maintain their management, which is good to make Giordano always good and keep up the good work of Giordano, so that Giordano always become a leader.

10. In Indonesia , Giordano always says a greeting to the customer that enter their store whether the consumer buy something or not. And you can try everything in there if you buy something. Some stores may not give a chance to customer to try their product. The staff are very helpful. They always help us when we had a trouble with some stuff. The staff had been trained too, so the staff can give the right help to the customer.


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