Thursday, October 8, 2009

Normal Readings Body Muscle

Assignment 1 Marks & Spencer


Indonesia has many culture and art. The one of Indonesian art is Batik. Batik is from Java. In previously, batik is not popular, because many people think Batik is not good old-fashioned and not fashionable. As Indonesian, we must proud of Batik because Batik is originally from Indonesia and Batik is a good thing. Now days Batik created so fashionable and very stylish, so it make Batik very popular and many people will buy and use it. To make Batik more famous, we must wear and using Batik minimal once a week not just use in special occasion. If we use once a week, people will see our Batik and they will try to wear it because Batik is good. Then, make a unique motif or unique model, so people will enjoy Batik and not bored with Batik. Also, the price for Batik is not too expensive, so many people can buy it then they can have their Batik and can use it.


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