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Case Study

main consideration of this case is to choose the best way for M & S to enter the U.S. retail market, so as not to repeat the failures for the second time by M & S at the time in Canada. At the Canadian M & S does not do update against market trends, not following consumer changes because the M & S felt consumers needed him.

Because of the other competitors whose products are more varied and more willingness to follow the market, so when this is M & S fell existence.

  1. Does the M & S strategy to use must be adjusted, if so whether they will succeed and what strategy?


- Strategy course should be adjusted to market circumstances in America, if M & ; S undergoing a strategy with both the M & S most likely to succeed in the American market. That is making brand new which includes cooperation with designer Local ( designer of America). Due to the cooperation with designer expected M & S can regain consumers, by issuing a more varied product. For example, women's clothing to women's underwear. By making variations of this product, can be made in the market test, if indeed there is progress that promises the next few years, the possibility to open several counter can be considered.

  1. Which route is best should be taken M & S, franchising, acquisitions or build a store from scratch?

- Acquisition derived from a word in the English language acquisition, which means takeover.

- Franchise or Franchising (from the French for honesty or kebebasanadalah the rights to sell a product or service or a service. Meanwhile, according to Indonesian government's version, which is a franchise is an engagement where one party is given the right to utilize and / or use of intellectual property rights (IPR) or a meeting of the typical business owned by another party with a benefit based on requirements set by the other party in the provision and / or sale of goods and services.

Meanwhile, according to Indonesian Franchise Association, which referred to the Franchise is a system of distributing goods or services to end customers, where the brand owner (the franchisor) gives rights to individuals or companies to carry


Will but we prefer to open stores from scratch. It requires substantial funds, but all will have the calculation in which we seek to minimize risk - the risk that might occur. Given we will explore the U.S. market thoroughly and then opened a new brand in a back-up by M & S where-prosuk products that will be sold in accordance with the tastes community, in addition to slowly increase the existence of the brand rather than M & S itself.

  1. name what would M & S use in the U.S. market?


name to be used is a new name such as "CLOCO by Marks & Spencer". Because if M & S signed by the same name, consumers assume that it is not unusual and tend not diminiti, given M & S has long been known to many people and failures experienced by M & S in Canada also can affect. But we think we will still bear the brand "by Marks & Spencer" to attract more consumers will invite curiosity towards brand new this. To increase the confidence of consumers will be brand new, so we invite well-known fashion designers in the U.S. to cooperate with us. Given the U.S. culture that certainly has differences with other countries, so the role of a fashion designer is needed by M & S to adjust the dress culture of U.S. society itself.

  1. How U.S. customers comparison with UK customer?


American Society of shopping and credit life, according to Ka Tino economic condition of American society depend on the retail business of about 60 % sampai70%. So the money supply of the shopping is important because in America higher sales tax and it is one of the greatest income for the country. In addition, because the middle class as the majority of its population, America has the buying power because the population is more than 70% had stable employment and living standards are quite high compared with Indonesia.

Habit UK society was not far to the U.S., they tend to rely on credit cards. According to UK research community with Asperger's 'shopaholic' high level of 8% dominated by adults. And most of the causes is because they have a problem with their spiritual emptiness. Often times they feel less confident and depression. So shopping is their way off fatigue. However, spending habits berlebihanpun often drain their pockets so that there are cases where a 'shopaholic' should lose their house to pay credit card bills.

In our opinion, given these conditions adversely affecting consumer psychological, but on the other hand it is an advantage for M & S to open a store in the U.S.. Because they tend to be consumptive and very concerned about the latest fashion. For it is worth if M & S will release new products that have been adapted to the culture of fashion in the U.S. that will lure customers with its own trademark


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