Thursday, October 8, 2009

Average Cost Of Salon Hair Coloring

good ads and ads that are not good


In my opinion, good advertising is advertising Pepsodent version 'son and father'.

's ad told of a child to follow and imitate all the activities of his father. Starting from eating, watching football, eating at night and brushing teeth.

This ad is good because it teaches that young children should always brush my teeth every night. And jugat o to only follow and imitate activities that are not right, but also follow the example of the positive activities that made their parents are brushing your teeth.

According just as well, messages to be conveyed by these ads can be delivered properly and in a good way also

I think the ads are not good is advertising Botol Sosro.

In this ad is told there are teachers who are teaching, then suddenly there is a child who asks 'If thirsty drinking what?'. And the teacher was immediately confused.

Menuru my ad is not clear and has nothing to do with tea Sosro bottle itself.

In fact, this ad could have a negative impact for school children. Because this ad shows a lack of teaching of pupils towards the teacher, and could be emulated by children.


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