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Book "KPK Hunter Corruptor: Gait eradication Commission suppress Corruption Corruption In" Part 1

Book Title: KPK Hunter Corruptor: Gait eradication Corruption Commission

In Corruption suppress

Author: Denise Setyawati

Publisher: East Library

Thickness book: 138 pages



Corruption has been entrenched in Indonesia, therefore, until now the Indonesian nation has not been able to make meaningful change in dealing with this corruption.

Not only is the task of government alone, but also the responsibility of society in general. Because obviously does not mean at all if there is good cooperation from all elements of society to combat corruption.

In Indonesia, it seems that corruption has been used since even before independence. At the time of independence, corruption was not inevitable bias.

Whatever its form, corruption provides a profound impact for the nation. The corruptor conveniently drain the wealth of the State in order to satisfy his desire. And the people who became victims. The disease of corruption is very influential for the survival of the nation.

Corruption can be equated with a disease, which impinge on a human child. However, the disease affects most elite of this nation.

Mochtar Lubis, quoted from the writings Sory Ersa Siregar-STP "Forward Culture", the Daily News Buana. 20 November 1984, distinguished three types of corruption, namely:

  1. Bribery
  2. Extortion
  3. Theft

Syeed Hussein Alatas in his Sociology of Corruption revealed that the prevention of acts of corruption should be pursued to create a clean government, sincere, honest.

Although many flaws here and there, the action to eradicate corruption must be biased toward the heating or warming up battle against corruption in the coming year.

Way, among others, to determine priorities in combating corruption and contains a non-discriminatory or selective logging. Governments also need to be more observant in seeing the issues that would need intensive attention.

If the prevention of corruption is still the same way as in previous years it will be biased to ensure that corrupt practices will still continue. This obviously will impact on the handling of corruption in the following years.



Corruption has entered all fields, both economic, political, and social-cultural. And almost all are corrupt officials who should be great role models for their people.

A. Early Birth KPK

On December 29, 2003 birth of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

Commission is a commission established under the Act No. 30 of 2002 on Corruption Eradication Commission in order to cope with, overcome and eradicate corruption.

In the Old Order, also once made a special agency dealing with the problem of corruption is retooling Reform Committee or Paran. But eventually disbanded Paran. Then in the New Order established the Corruption Eradication Team (TPK), which is chaired by attorney sublime. In ere reform, combating corruption efforts initiated by President BJ Habibie.

B. Task and Role of Commission

Based on the vision that proclaimed, KPK has enough hope and desire that noble, that want to realize Indonesia free from corruption.

Conducting the eradication of corruption in a professional, intensive, and sustainable society in order to realize a just, prosperous, secure and prosperous is a big PR scandal.

Success or not the Commission, depending on the hard work undertaken to maximize what is already a task, authority and responsibility KPK.Tugas responsibility, authority, and responsibilities include:

  1. Coordination with agencies authorized to combat corruption
  2. Supervise institutions authorized to combat corruption.
  3. Conducting inquiry, investigation and prosecution of corruption.
  4. Perform preventive measures TPK
  5. Conduct monitoring of the state government.

yangh Commission has a responsibility not small. So in carrying out its duties, the Commission can not walk alone without the relevant agencies. Establishment of a good cooperation is also key to the success of KPK.

It is no less important to implement anti-corruption Commission is to establish the mental to the public.

C. Institutional KPK

One of the main capital for the performance of efficient and effective refractive KPK is through the development of a professional organization.

To create a professional institution, various efforts have been made the Commission, among others: the development of human resources management, efficiency and effectiveness financial management, increased support for infrastructure, equipment and technology, strengthening regulation and activities support the implementation of internal controls.

KPK Along with the development, facilities and infrastructure is required by the KPK. Embodiment of a professional institution which is also evidenced by the Commission with information technology support. Plus the existence and motion KPK has also strengthened judicial aspect.

D. Corruption Eradication Strategy

KPK wear 2 ways, namely cracking down (repression) and prevent (preventive)

  1. KPK in cracking down (Repressive)

task undertaken by the Commission take action that does not mean to give flexibility to the KPK to arrest any person or officer as such, but should stick to statutory laws and regulations that exist. Therefore, all activities undertaken must be biased dipertanggugjawabkan KPK ..

task undertaken action against this Commission include:

a. Coordination and Supervision

b. Handling cases or cases

c. Takeover case

KPK in Preventing (preventive)

preventive steps include: the registration and inspection LHKPN, gratuities and community service, research and development, monitors and network development cooperation.

With these measures are expected KPK is expected to further optimize the tasks and role as the only institution trusted to handle corruption.

Task of cracking down or prevent, the two are closely linked, separated unbiased and must be run in a balanced manner.

successful corruption cases handled by the KPK marked terpenjaranya corruptors should be coupled with prevention efforts in the form of understanding anti-corruption in public life. In principle the establishment of good mental, honest and wise become a very important part. Because the core of all this corruption is actually a disease of poor mental our officials.


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