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Gintung Situ Analysis and Problem Analysis and

Situ Analysis and Problems Gintung

jebolnya Levee Situ Chronology Gintung

Friday, 27 March 2009 - 10: 55 pm

TANGERANG - Torrential rains accompanied by ice and high winds that hit Jakarta since 16:00 GMT, Thursday, March 26, making some residents ready.

According to some residents, a similar incident had occurred three years ago. "Hence, since the afternoon I ungsikan all my family," said Mulyadi, Citizens RT 1 / 8 Kampung Situ Gintung, when found at the site on Friday (27/03/2009).

He said, after seeing the condition of water in the lakes, he began to prepare for since the beginning.

following chronological events dike jebolnya Situ Gintung collected Legal , according to residents of Kampung Situ, Mrs. Erna, Mrs. Lina, and Mr. Mulyadi.

Thursday, March 26

At 16:00 pm, heavy rain accompanied by ice and high winds hit the area in South Jakarta and surrounding areas, including areas Ciputat and Cirendeu.
At 23:00 pm, residents began to hear the roar from the direction of the dike.
At 24.00 pm, some residents began to clean up and standby.

Friday, March 27

At 3:00 pm, residents began to hear a roar louder than the previous. The sound coming from the direction of the dike. Levees breached.
At 3:30 pm, the water was crashing Kampung Situ RT 1 / 8 Cirendeu, Ciputat, Tangerang, Banten.
At 04.00 pm, residents began to flee. Water rising.
At 5:00 pm, some residents began to rise into the roof of the house, help from residents whose houses are not submerged.
At 8:00 pm, four people were taken to hospital Fatmawati.
At 10.00 pm, the police chief came to review the location of Tangerang. (nov)

Situ Gintung broken-down, the Government sued

Tangerang, Pos Kota - Embankment retaining Situ Cirendeu Gintung in Kelurahan, Kecamatan Ciputat, South Tangerang, Banten, on Friday (27 / 3) at dawn, burst its banks. Hundreds of millions of cubic feet of water spilled over like a flash flood destroyed two hundred more houses, drowning at least 58 human lives and washed away dozens of cars and motorcycles.

Residents regard the incident as a calamity that must be accepted. But not a few who rate this disaster should not have happened and they were ready to sue the government and the local government of Tangerang regency. Because residents since 3 years ago has urged local governments to improve the situ.

"Improvement of embankment or foundation there is flowing water around the time the child has been asked residents Pesanggrahan since three years ago but never taken seriously," said Yadi, residents Poncol, Cirendeu.

He also urged the government must be responsible for this tragedy. According Yadi, conditions Situ Gintung levee that was built in 1923 it was already alarming and urgent to repair. Especially the water channel at the bottom there is a role drain water from the lake to the child Kali Pesanggrahan.

"The condition is very worrying because the levee trouble since the Dutch had never been repaired," said Maruf, a resident RT 01/08, Kel. Gintung, Ciputat, who have 28 years more to live on the edge there.

water channel beneath it is the only way water to the child if the discharge Kali Pesanggrahan water has exceeded the limit. So when the heavy rains on Thursday (26 / 3) hit the area, the lake with a capacity of 625 million M3 is no longer able to contain it. Channels under the sink and there was retaining levee there burst its banks as high as 25 meters.

Residents claimed wonder why the government did not respond to the conditions that have been reported to it dike. Worse, Ma'ruf said, since last year it was built around the trail for jogging and recreation who allegedly made dikes weakened.

"In the past if it overflowed, the water can flow into the irrigation community. But these days can not anymore. Water can only pass one way out of the chute at the Under the old conditions, "he said.

Residents in three villages affected by flood brunt of this Gintung namely Kampung Situ Gunung, Poncol and Situ Gintung, also asked the Tangerang District Government responsible for any losses suffered by residents.

"We are ready to sue the local government of Tangerang regency for quickly building our houses, of course, after the levee was repaired," said Mrs. Diamond, a resident of Pratt Hill housing, Cirendeu, Ciputat.

Diamond confessed all his house furniture both electronic and personal vehicles submerged in water. "For the car may still be through insurance, but home and other belongings how? "he added.

Daryoni Slamet, Executive Director of Forum for Environment (WALHI), Jakarta, said that there are a variety of disasters due to human negligence. "Nature is being exploited in such a way regardless of the environment," he said.

He called the changing functions of green land for business and luxury residential caused disaster everywhere. "We also see how the forest at the headwaters cleared for settlement. As a result it floods everywhere. It is time the government regulate the issue, "he said.

86 YEARS HAVE NO renovated

South Tangerang Mayor HM Salih met in the location of the disaster said there seputaran has an area of \u200b\u200b21.4 hectares which since 2008 has been raised and planted with trees by the central government to take advantage of flood prevention funds. The fund reached Rp125 billion for the entire Greater Jakarta area. However, recognition, levee Situ Gintung that he was already 86 years was not renovated. While the PU officials Irrigation Banten Province, Win Maryono, expressed as instructed Minister of Public Works floodgates burst Situ Gintung which will be rebuilt. "The amount of the budget do not yet know, but it is essential immediately repaired first."

Responding to this event, the Minister of Public Works, Djoko Kirmanto, said it has assigned a security team to evaluate the condition of the dam there in the Greater Jakarta area.

"The number of Greater Jakarta there who are more than 200 pieces," the minister said after reviewing Situ Gintung yesterday.

Djoko had insisted that no related problems as well as a permanent fund for emergency treatment. "The Department of Public Works has sufficient funds to do two things," he explained.

According to Head of the River Region Cidurian-Cisadane Banten province, Djoko Suryanto, Situ Gintung in 2008 including out of 11 there is rehabilitated. Only in a small scale in the form of reinforcing the edge there, as the security of the landslide.

opinion, Gintung Situ is a little different from most existing situ-situ in Greater Jakarta. Another difference is there-there are not designed as a dam, but only where the water reservoir.

Emergency Repairs to jebolnya Situ Gintung performed using gabion and sandbags. While the permanent repairs is expected to be completed within one year. "We have sandbags and gabion already in the field, emergency handling will begin to do today," said Djoko Kirmanto.

jebolnya levee disaster Situ Gintung residents described as a small tsunami. "I feel like the tsunami in Aceh alone," said Mrs. Kardiah, 40, a resident Poncol.

woman was admitted when the flood destroyed his home, he had just performed the morning prayer. "After praying I make fried rice for breakfast child. Suddenly the sound of loud thunder. "

He said, holding her child and ran to save themselves. From the higher ground he saw the water very swift currents and high achieving 3 meter straight sweep whatever is in front of him.

brunt of hundreds of millions of cubic meters of water was even directly undermine the two-storey house belonging Mulyadi, a distance of 50 meters from Situ Gintung. Furthermore, hundreds of homes in RT01, 02, 03, and 04 in RW 08 Kelurahan Cirendeu, Ciputat district, which is under there almost 2 kilo meters were swept away like garbage stream.

kindergarten early childhood Muhammadiyah, Ahmad Dahlan STIE Campus and Rectorate building and a number of faculty at the University of Muhammadiyah also laid waste by the swift flood waters including luxury houses in the complex Cirendeu Permai, Housing and Cirendeu Elegant Jewel Hill.

-wrenching cry for help was echoed in conjunction with water to break through people's homes. Half an hour later, when the sun began to show its rays, then look pathetic sight.

Corpses seen stuck in the trees and the falling ruins of the house. Cars and motorcycles were swept away hundreds of meters and nyangsang in places such as trees or roof houses. Hundreds of people panicked and ran meyelamatkan visible self.

Among the rubble and mud and stones were scattered about, namely Attaqwa two mosques, Al immigrants, and one musala Nurul Iman was still standing strong.

Losses arising from this disaster is estimated to reach hundreds of billions of dollars. Victims who die until at 21:00 carrying 58 people, 170 injured and dozens of people still in the search.

"For those residents whose homes were damaged will be given financial assistance by the central government. For permanent home Rp30 million and Rp15 million semi-permanent houses. We will first data, "said the Mayor of South Tangerang HM Salih.

o At 14:00 to 18:00 Thursday (26 / 3) heavy rains flushed the surrounding area

o At 19 o'clock the water began to rise to meet it

o Toward the evening, debit melimpasi levee

o At 00:00 levee started to erode and crack

o At 03:00 levee breached, the bridge retaining ambrol. Approximately one million cubic meters of flood water from Situ Gintung crashing hundreds of buildings that exist beneath.

Cause Levee jebolnya Situ Gintung

Cause jebolnya Situ Gintung dike is still a mystery. According to a Reuters interview reportage, catastrophic levee jebolnya Gintung Situ is a natural disaster. Even so the reporter urged by saying that the collapse of the embankment Situ Gintung must not happen just over night. really a disaster?

Cause jebolnya Situ Gintung dike, Cireundeu, Tangerang, Banten, due to the increasing bulk rain, which caused the water level rises and melimpas levee there. Causes are explained Head of Central Region Ciliwung and Cisadane Sutoyo Subandrio Pitoyo while accompanying the Vice President (VP) Jusuf Kalla (JK) on site jebolnya embankment.

"When the rain yesterday was so large, the water level rise. So that the water board and runoff occur in the upper body of the dam. So eroded and landslides. Any levee would be breached if there pelimpasan, "explained Sutoyo. He added that the volume of water there is melimpas levee as much as 1 million cubic meters of water from an area of \u200b\u200b21 hectares there

Not only humans who become victims of the tragedy jebolnya Situ Gintung dike, hundreds of houses and luxury cars as well Permai In Housing Cirendeu inundated mud. Citizens surprised as water enters rapidly until it reaches a height of three meters. In fact, many residents who are stuck at home. Evacuation continues to be a joint military-police team. While residents said resignedly.

Residents who survived said that the Tsunami disaster.

Government admits less artificial levee maintenance memperhatinkan Dutch era, the DPU is only doing renovations to taste plus the dense residential population around the dike that affect soil strength cause-jebolnya-dike-situ-gintung.html

Situ Gintung Levee breached, Six Persons Reported Killed

Friday, March 27, 2009 Cirendeu''In housing, water chest-high straight,''he said. About 130 houses in elite residential sinks. Watchlist Tempo, housing hundreds of people gathered near Cirendeu visible entrance kempleks. Dozens of officers of the civil service and police force rescue team was busy evacuating residents around. Some inflatable boats deployed for evacuation.

seven-meter wide road in the housing is turned into a river with brown water. A car seen rapid flow washed away. Various household items alternately carried by the flow of flood. 0.20090327 to 166,776, uk.html

jebolnya Situ Gintung Levee Should Not Happen

JAKARTA - jebolnya Situ Gintung embankment on Friday morning should not happen, if the local and provincial governments to conduct evaluation and adequate attention .

"With very old age, it is proper Situ Gintung received adequate attention. Not only limited to the capacity factor and the quality of water that fills these lakes, but also about the stability of tanggulnya body," said Chairman of the Division-Engineering Geology Indonesian Geologist Association, Imam A Sadisun to Legal on Tuesday (31/03/2009).

He added that the potential collapse of the dike body should be identified early. In addition to evaluating the security level of Tanggu, another method is to conduct monitoring or monitoring. "The symptoms of general dam slope instability can be monitored visually. Common characteristics are often found is the existence or even spring water seepage at the downstream side of the foot of the embankment in the wild. These springs may grow slowly , "he said.

"Due to the stronger flow of water (eg an increase in hydraulic gradient), will result in subsurface erosion processes occur, "he said.

With the development of a relatively dense residential areas downstream of the dike Situ Gintung, continued the priest, it is unfortunate this happened jebolnya Situ.

" Along with the development of instrumentation techniques, it is not possible to install monitoring equipment at each dike or dam. Of the types of monitoring tools that are only used to measure changes in the level of a pool of water only, until the type of monitoring equipment that can detect any shift in the surface or in the body of the dike. In fact almost all the monitoring tools now can be controlled remotely in real time, "he said.


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