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What are the social processes?

social processes are related in ways that can be seen as individuals and groups meet each other and determine the system and form of the relationship or what will happen when there are changes that cause goyahnya way -a way of life that was there.

Or in other words. Interpreted as the influence of social processes timbale of various aspects of life back together.

    with social interaction?
social interaction is one of the social form that is the key to all social life.

Mention terms of social interaction!

  1. The social contact

The communication

  1. Name 3 forms of social contacts!
    • Between individuals
    • Between individuals with one group or vice versa
Between a group with other groups

    • What is accommodation?
    • Accommodation is a balance in the interaction between individuals in relation to the norm.

What are accommodations?

  1. Reduce conflict between different individuals understand
Prevent explosion of a conflict

Allows collaboration among separate groups due to socio-psychological and cultural factors

Seek smelting separate groups
    • Mention the factors that facilitate the assimilation!
    • Tolerance
    • Economic Opportunity A balanced
respect other people's attitude and culture

open attitude and ruler
  1. Eq cultural elements
    • The common enemy from outside
    • Mention forms of social interaction!
    • Cooperation (cooperation)
    • Competition (competition)
opposition (conflict)

    • Mention five forms of cooperation!
    • Harmony that includes tolon-help
    • Bargaining, namely the implementation of agreements on exchange of goods and services natara two or more organizations

Kooptas, an admissions process elements new in leadership or policy implementation within an organization as one how to avoid the occurrence of shock in the stability of the organization concerned

  1. Coalition, a combination of two or more organizations that have the same goals
    • Joint ventures, cooperation in the exploitation of specific projects
    • What is the competition?
    • Competition is a social process, whereby individuals or groups who seek competitive advantage through the areas of life that at some time become public limelight by drawing attention or sharpen existing prejudices without using violence or threat
    • Mention forms of competition!

economic competition

  1. Competition culture
Competition to reach a certain position and role in society

competition because of differences in race
    • Mention functions of the competition!
    • To channel the desires that are competitive
    • As a way in which desires, interests and values \u200b\u200bthat exist at a time into the limelight with his best channeled
As a means to hold a selection on the basis of sex and social selection

As a tool to screen citizens groups to hold a division of labor works
    • 13.
    • Mention the factors associated with an outcome of competition!
    • ·
    • personality


progress ·

group solidarity ·



What is the controversy? controversy is a form of social processes that lie between competition and controversy is a disagreement or dispute hidden mental attitude towards others or against a particular class of cultural elements

15 .

Mention forms of controversy! ·

act of rejection, resistance, and others.


Denying claims of others in public ·

Doing incitement ·

treason ·

Shocking opponent, and others


What is the opposition?

Conflict is a social process whereby individuals or groups trying

meet their goals by way of challenging the opposition by threats or violence


Mention the causes of conflicts!


individual differences


cultural differences ·

difference interests ·

social differences

18. What is a safety-valve institutions?

safety-valve institutions are the means used masyarakata to distribute the seeds of hatred in a way provide certain objects that can distract the warring parties for channeled in another direction

19. Mention forms of conflict! ·

personal opposition


racial conflict ·

Conflicts between social classes ·

political opposition ·

clashes have become international

20. Indicate the consequences of other forms of conflict!

· adds solidarity "in-group" or


Perhaps the opposite occurs, that is shaky and the breakdown of unity group ·

Personality changes ·

Accommodation, domination and subjugation of certain parties


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