Monday, February 28, 2011

Maybeline True Match Cost

Cold Cold Outside_so Turn Me On

Wczoraj odwiedziłam moją przyjaciółkę, Monica at the village near Krakow, is where pictures were hastily begotten. And the cold is no sense, but at least this time the sun did not disappoint me - still dreaming of warm days and lack of silly, winter restrictions. This season drags on far too long already. Froze up my creativity any - discourages snow going with something lighter, the wind all the possible unpleasant whiff of body parts, and I do not have much to present - contrary to some fashion bloggers, which I can only envy, I do not have closet full of stylish coats and jackets, because it necessarily entails the winter for me, walking in one coat, two pairs of shoes and some hats. By the way in this set, if I could, of blessed memory ubrałabym yellow hat, but unfortunately "got lost somewhere;)

IMPORTANT QUESTION! Blogowiczki, may not know what happens when a courier from Asosa not finds me at home?

Yesterday I visited my friend, Monica, who lives near Cracow. Were there photos taken. It's cold and senselessly but at least sun didn't let me down this time. I'm still dreaming about warm days and lack of stupid, winter limits. This season lasts far too long. Even my inspirations are frozen! Snow dissuades going out in something lighter, wind unpleasantly touches every part of my body and I haven't got much to present. In the contrary to some fashion bloggers - which I can only envy - my wardrobe isn't full of stylish coats because for me winter is connected with wearing the same coat, walking in two pairs of shoes and couple of hats. By the way, I would rather have used a yellow hat here but unfortunately it just "got lost somewhere" ;)


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