Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Girdle To Hold In Stomach


Leading SEO figures

Besides Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, some people become a respected figure and his opinions about the business as a reference and search engine SEO.
  • Danny Sullivan

Former LA Times reporter who founded the Search Engine Watch web site that highlights the active business development and search engine technology. Now he is actively writing and make reports on Search Engine Land

  • Matt Cutts

Programmer and former employees NSA (National Security Agency ) United States who joined Google in 2001 and currently heads the team of Google's spam prevention. Besides a Google employee, Matt Cutts is a prominent blogger. The articles on his blog a reference SEO practitioners from around the world, because his blog is often the first source of any information on the development of Google's search technology. Matt Cutts is often regarded as the unofficial spokesperson for Google.
  • Vannesa Fox

former Google employee. Vannesa known among webmasters as a drafter, and programmer who heads the project

Google Webmaster Central.


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