Friday, February 25, 2011

Dream About White Wolves Attacking Me

iPad 2 in the estimate will be launched in early March

Apple iPad
Apple Inc is expected to launch the new iPad on 2 March, contrary to speculation that the launch of the popular tablet computer would be delayed.

An internal source said speculation iPad launch delayed until June "is clearly not true." Launch plan together with the scheduled launch earlier iPad. iPad first sold in April 2010.

Apple touted it will host the launch on 2 March. When confirmed to Apple, they declined comment. Shares of Apple fell

3 percent after a broker from Taiwan, said that the launch of the iPad 2 delayed because the manufacturer, Hon Hai, has a new design-related barriers that device.

But analysts are not taking dizziness report, because Apple always obey the launch of its product plans. "Apple's track record i pick very consistent," said analyst Daniel Ernst of Hudson Square Research.

iPad is the coolest technology in 2010, a device that has sold nearly 15 million units. Finally, other vendors are challenged to make a copycat device as a rival. More than 50 million tablets will be sold this year and Apple will reap huge part of the market.

Yuanta Securities has said in a note, the latest IPAD will delay the launch of two months from the scheduled launch.
Launching March 2, also reported a consolidated blog All Things Digital blog on Tuesday.


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