Monday, February 21, 2011

Cytherea What's Your Name

Wedges On Way

Unfortunately, I miss the last inspiration for new outfits, and even wardrobe is filled with things that completely unsuitable for such weather, so remains for me to share the new addition, which - I hope - will visit with me for 1.5 weeks:) I was looking for the classic with the help of a friend buskin odnalazłyśmy leather wedges with Asosa. I can not wait until je do czegoś wykorzystam! :)

Unfortunately, I ran out of inspirations to make new outfits and my wardrobe is full of clother which are completely useless in such weather so only I can do is to share my new precious which - I hope so - will come to me in following week or two. I was looking for classic wedges and - with my friend's help - we found these leather wedges from Asos. Can't wait for them!


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