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Star Beer Win Gold Medal of The Brewing Industry International Awards 2011

PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk Announces Star Beer won a gold medal from The Brewing Industry International Awards (BIIA) 2011. A competition which is often referred to as the "Oscars" of his beer.

victory was recorded as the first gold medal of Bir Bintang obtained from BIIA for the first time participation as well. This award is a recognition that the Bir Bintang is one of the best beer in the world, in terms of style and commercial side.

participation in the Lager category alcohol levels between 3.8% to 4.7%, Bir Bintang compete with the 796 participants who were divided into 9 categories of the 32 classes contested. The competition is judged by an expert professional beer expert in evaluating the taste and commercial side. Bir Bintang is considered outstanding in terms of quality and value selling.
Welcoming the victory, Leo Evers, President of MBI to comment, We are very proud and excited Bir Bintang received top honors in its class at BIIA 2011. This achievement reinforces our commitment to continue to provide first class service to maintain our advantage and only uses natural raw ingredients to produce beer our best. To maintain this, we always keep the beer taste Star who has long been favored by consumers and our customers, who have been making it as His beer of Indonesia.
distinctive taste comes from a mixture of Bir Bintang material quality of the manufacturing process carried out very carefully. Famous for its distinctive aroma and soft hopnya and refreshing taste bitter after diteguk, yield 4.7% alcohol beer has become a favorite of local consumers for nearly 80 years. Currently manufactured in the factory Bir Bintang Sampangagung (Mojokerto) and Tangerang.
Bir Bintang will receive a medal of appreciation for 12 April 2011, which will be handed over in London.


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