Friday, February 4, 2011

Proper Etiquette For Congratulating Birth

Simplicity [The Kills - The Tape Song]

mom stole his jacket, which is obviously too big for me, but I could not resist. I know that a little too cold for such clothes, but lately the sun came out again, and inspired me in such a way. Jacket is lovely, leather, with a slightly golden sheen, but not at the same shoddy. Shorts bought a holiday in the H & M and as you can see barely do not enter, but I hope that they will be warmer, the easier it will be accumulated over the winter to get rid of tummy. Shoes have been, while the bag is old and dilapidated, but I have a fondness for it. The ring I got as a gift (Six).
I have this jacket stolen from my mum. The jacket is of course too big but I couln't resist. I know it's a little bit too cold for stuff like that recently but the sun shown up and that's the effect. The jacket is beautiful, leather, gold slightly but still stylish. The shorts I bought on holiday last year and - as you can see - I can barely wear shoes Them That I hope the warmer it gets the easier it would be to lose the belly;) Boots Were there before. The bag is old but it Reminds of good old times. The ring is a gift:)


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