Friday, February 25, 2011

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Super Laptop Slim

South Korean company Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Thursday launched a super-slim notebook. Samsung tries to increase its presence in the market for high-end computer dominated by Apple Inc.

Samsung ordain themselves as the strongest competitor Apple in the smartphone market and tablets. Samsung's targeting laptop market where Apple is trying to repeat the success of the iPhone and iPad with MacBooknya series. Samsung launches

lightweight notebook 9 Series on Thursday to compete with super-slim laptop Apple MacBook Air, introduced in October.

Samsung sells his new laptop worth 2.5 million won (2218 dollars) in Korea and will launch globally next month in America and Europe. Apple

position ouster of Hewlett-Packard Co. as the best PC maker in the world in the last quarter. According to research firm DisplaySearch's success is driven by sales of Apple's iPad tablet.

Apple has distributed more than 10 million notebook and tablet computers in the last quarter with a market share of 17 percent, about one million more than HP's market share with 15.6 percent.

Samsung on Thursday said he wanted to become a global player in the market No.6 mobile PCs this year. Last year Samsung was sitting in seventh place.


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