Friday, February 25, 2011

Ontario Charges For Having Fake Id

"American Idol" Through voted up

entertainment program American Idol pop star looking for new and conducted nationwide in the U.S., now in- vote through Facebook.

According, Friday, viewers vote via social networking is possible do as much as 50 times for each viewer in a week period.
Fox as well as organizer of American Idol viewers continue to receive sound through a toll-free telephone number and sms as well as customer telephone company AT & T.

Creators American Idol, Simon Fuller, said the organizer of this popular show has been working on ways to calculate vote online for years.

"Facebook is now offered us a solution to secure and we are ready to do it," he said.

via an online vote is part of the main changes in the organization of American Idol this year. Other changes also occurred in the number of jurors who are now involved only 2 people, namely Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

Options online voting is expected to increase the number of viewers who vote each week for the contestants.

Katherine Meizel as a writer " Idolized: Music, Media and Identity in` American `Idol, 'says the addition of online voting to expand the area of \u200b\u200bvoting for candidates for public choice nbintang pop it.

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