Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Is The Motion Sensor In A Towel Dispenser

Webmaster and SEO search engine

Webmasters and search engines

Since 1997 the search engine companies recognize that some webmasters (website manager) do everything to be indexed at the top of search results, including in ways that manipulative and illegal. Infoseek, one of the first generation search engines, make improvements in their algorithms to prevent manipulation by "meta tags" are not relevant.
However, in some ways the search engines are also aware of the great economic value of the ranking of search results, and they sometimes have vested interests of the SEO company's activities. Some search engine companies to send representatives or be a guest on events held regularly SEO community.
major search engines like Google and Yahoo! provides programs and guidance that enables webmasters to optimize their site for well indexed. Google provides Webmaster Tool application (you must have a Google account in order to see this tool) and introduces an XML-based sitemap their standards, while Yahoo! provide Site Explorer program (also must login with your Yahoo! user account) that enables webmasters register the URL of the site, check the number of their web pages have been indexed in the data-base Yahoo, and view information of incoming links. However, search engines do not tolerate SEO methods are manipulative and justifies every way.


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