Friday, February 25, 2011

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Priority Three Intel in 2011

Santhosh Viswanathan
Intel Indonesia express the three main priorities that will do this year, namely the development of broadband, education, and cooperation with local industry.

least three things that will be a major concern Santhosh Viswanathan, Country Manager of Intel's new to the territory of Indonesia, who conveyed to the media crew in the show introduction on Thursday.

Santhosh who took office began November 2010 said, broadband is essential for the country, Intel's mission is to make broadband affordable and accessible to all people.

In helping the world of education in Indonesia, Intel set a program called "Intel Teach". The actual program has existed since 2007, already provides information technology education to 50,000 teachers in the country.

Santhosh said, education is to build long-term success.

While related to their core businesses, Intel will work together with local developers. Santhosh

revealed that Intel will launch a new processor for netbooks in the fourth quarter, though he has not revealed the name and how the new processors are planned.

Santhosh On that occasion also expressed his belief that the development of smart phones are not a sign of the end of the netbook era.

"No, absolutely not. Let me talk about Indonesia. I thought it was a breakthrough. You can always say hello to your smart phone. Think about someone need a keyboard, and all people need a keyboard, "says Santhosh.


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