Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Which Wood Is Used For Walking

Converse and Polka Dots

Hi everyone:) Today, a warm, spring post, as is fitting for May! I am very happy with the longer days - and suddenly find the time and so, to enjoy the fresh air and for this to do something useful;)
the less useful things - yesterday's photo. Contrary to appearances, it's something it's not a dot dress, and a short overall. When more than a year ago, I found it on sale, I was not convinced such fasonu, but thankfully I gave up myself talked into buying. Other things fairly standard - a hat and sneakers.

Hi everyone! Today's finally warm day! That I'm very happy days are getting longer - I have time for work and pleasure. ;)
You might be thinking That this thing in the dots is a dress - but it's not. It's a short jumpsuit bought over a year ago. In the beggining I was not Convinced That this shape would fit me but Eventually I bought it and now it's one of my favorite summer things!

wearing h & m jumpsuit, hat, bag, shoes converse


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