Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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Do We Like Pink Blazers

wearing: herman geist blazer, zara Leggins, ASOS wedges, h & m bag

pink jacket, a the main character of today's Post, long hung in the closet. My sister is a good couple of years ago she got it from my aunt, and even dressed her several times, but then somehow fallen out of favor with the colors, pink has become synonymous with rubbish, and middle school very easily generalizes such things:) But now, when it was craze for fluorescent pinks, oranges and greens, I found that this jacket may be nice to revive the whole outfit. The rest is all black - from the bag, through my beloved wedges, legginy Zara with the "leather" inserts (which can be seen here not as good), a lace blouse and a mini bereciku. For this jacket has a rainbow ribbon. Unfortunately you can not take it off, because it is permanently attached, but it can have its advantages are. Kisses!

The hero of my post, the pink blazer, has been in a wardrobe for a very long time. My sister got it a few years ago as a gift from our aunt and she even Wore it a couple of times but then came the time of beige colors, pink told you to be a color of kitsch and so on. Now When the fluorescent colors are coming back I found out how this blazer can brighten the whole outfit! Everyting That is an except of black. What do you think? :)


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