Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sample Company Anniversary Letters

I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints

I had a nasty day, I do not remember the last time someone gave me so badly, like today, people at work, fortunately, not collaborators, but the clients. I dream of a holy and peaceful holiday somewhere far away. And new shoes, much too quickly destroy them my typical walking, like a tank: / Contrary to appearances, perhaps not enough in my femininity ...

jacket / blazer Mango hanging in the air like some sort of dense suspension. I can not just work, I need more space, even within, the pace. And paradoxically, I am glad that we are building this house as the big city, will be closer to the life that I learned while living in Poznan, I miss you terribly. And I think until we accept the fact that they do not dwell anymore on a permanent basis in Poznan, it will always be tormented me, this longing for the past. It's just a piece of complaining that I'm missing the big city I used to live in.

shirt / shirt, glasses / sunnies no name zrobi się pokaźny.

So here is the moment when each single pair of jeans seem to be too tight for my belly. And I found out genius idea for spring - elastic skirt waist. Amazing piece of garment, I feel I must buy a few more! And I am very happy that Mira Duma helped me with pregnancy fashion by being pregnant last year. I don't have to worry that much what would I wear when my belly will be a bit bigger.

kardigan/cardigan, spódnica/skirt H&M


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