Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is A Very Small Gas Leak In Stove Dangerous

Violet Violet

(I remember at the FB and invite you, over time will certainly be there more than a blog;) + STYLIO .)

Wearing: vintage cape & blouse, jeans forever18, h & m wedges, flea market brancelet

straight day, a set from yesterday. Slow to perceive colors, and this shirt (actually a sleeveless sweater) is the bardo pleasant and nicely arranged. What's true for today I wanted to prepare something, but just look out the window and see why the whole elaborate plan took on the head;)

Today I'll show you a casual outfit That I Wore yesterday. I'm trying to convince myself That bright colours aren't so bad after all - that's why I wore that nice, violet blouse. I had another idea for today's post but the weather's awful so I have to "reschedule" the outfit I am thinking about ;)


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