Saturday, January 29, 2011

How Do Minnetonka Moccasins Fit

Need To Be Serious

Hi everyone. During the break between reading each chapter, "Psychology of knowledge", I managed to jump for some pictures of my sister, and provide proper outfit yesterday, played with the need for rest from school;) This time steal my mom a sweater, which I did dress up and attempted to use the jacket, which I'm terribly unhappy, but I feel extremely pleased by the taste . To this crude buciszcze purchased this year - but I must admit, very stable and works even in the most snow (unless of course you did not land in the 1.5 meter high snowdrift. But I hope that those times are behind us and the world is moving towards the spring deszczykom zawieruchom than winter.)
Colors, as you can see, quite subdued, but recently switched to the less pronounced the color and I will follow this direction, in addition to the spring wardrobe, and the second-buszując handach.
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/ Hi, everyone. During a break in reading next chapters of "Cognitive Psychology" I managed to get out for a few photos with my sister. I'm Presenting yesterday's outfit, recreated Because of need to rest from learning;) This time I have stolen a sweater from my mum, From Which I made a dress and I ventured to use my winter coat which I am very dissapointed with - but I have to admit that it fits me in this outfit. I added my coarse shoes bought this winter but I have to tell that it's very stable and they "work" even in the biggest snow (of course not when I am drowning in a huge snowdrift).
The colours are, as you can see, quite subdued, but I recently prefer less expressive colours and in this direction I'll go filling my spring wardrobe and rumming second-hands.
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czapka/hat - H&M
sweter/sweater - H&M
Chust / scarf - vintage
leggings - Colloseum
butyl / boots - Street
płaszcz / coat - Ravel
torba / bag - H & , M
pierścionek / Ring - Orsay


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